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More History

Washoe City Cemetery

A brief history of the cemetery and the ongoing preservation efforts.

A Little Washoe City History

The story of Washoe County’s biggest city… once upon a time.

Digging a Tunnel From Washoe Valley to Lake Tahoe

The mad 1950s plan to drain Tahoe and create Lake Washoe Valley.

The Washoe City Cabin

Some info on the mysterious log cabin in Washoe City.

The Dude Ranch Years

When the rich and famous came to Washoe Valley to play cowgirl and get a divorce.

News from 142 Years Ago

Washoe Valley headlines from 1875

When We Had Real Winters

Killer avalanches from 1907

Descendant of Pioneers Writes Washoe Valley History Essay

Future author Myra Sauer wrote and award winning essay in high school in 1930.

Last Train To Carson City

The famous Virginia and Truckee Railroad ran from 1865 to 1950.

San Antonio Ranch Home Movies

Ralph Elsman was a wealthy businessman that came to Washoe Valley in the 1920s and established a large gentleman’s ranch for his family. See 1930s ranch life in Washoe Valley in their home movies.

Historic Washoe Canyon Gutted By Fire

In 2012 and accidental fire wiped out the canyon that was used by the Virginia and Truckee Railroad to ascend from Pleasant Valley to Washoe Valley.

Washoe Valley Causeway

A bridge was built over the Washoe Lake wetlands for hauling Virginia City Ore to the Quartz Mill at Ophir.

Ophir: One of Washoe Valley’s Ghosttowns

The rise and fall of a boomtown.

Washoe’s Civil War Fort

Patriotic Comstock residents establish their own fort during the Civil War.

A Passion For Politics

Emotions run high in Washoe city during the 1880 Presidential Election.

Were There Mines in Washoe Valley?

Prospect holes dot the surrounding hills but were there actual mines?

Famous Residents: Will James, Western Author

Will James was a cowboy, outlaw and talented western author and artist who lived in Washoe Valley where he wrote his most famous western stories.