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wind power

Windspire Wind Energy Machine

Here’s some info on one type of wind powered electric generator by Windspire with a video:

They say it is in Washoe Valley but the ones they are talking about are actually in Pleasant Valley. I have seen an installation in New Washoe City though.

Wind Generation Workshop

A correspondent went to the county’s wind power workshop and this is her take on the meeting:

I attended that workshop to specifically ask:
1-  Previously in the past about 5 years ago we were told Wind machines were not very efficient in our high wind area.  When the wind is too strong, the power source drops dramatically.
2-  Would wind or solar structures be more effective in Washoe Valley?
I received a political answer.  Your specific wind has to be measured on your property to find out which is better, or if wind machines are effective here.  I also heard strong winds can damage or blow away the working parts of a windmill, which is not covered after 3-5 years, however long your warantee is.
You can receive a rebate for the machine, but the installer has to be on an “approved list” of installers, or you don’t receive one.  The county has guidelines one must follow. Go to NRS>278.580 & Washoe County Development Code 326 to see about guidelines.
They all said you have to do your homework to see what’s right for you & your property.
Good website to go to are:  windgenerations.com, solargenerations.com.

It has been my observation living in east Washoe Valley that we have severe wind for a day and then dead calm for the next two weeks as a pretty consistent pattern. We have a reputation for wind here but there are places where it is breezy most every day. Maybe solar is better for our area-ed.

Home Power From Wind

Ian and Wind Genny

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5:30 p.m.
Residential Scale Wind Power in Washoe County
Washoe County invites all interested residents, property owners and citizens to attend a presentation on
Wednesday, November 19, 2008. This presentation will focus on small scale wind power suitable for
residential use, its present status, and its future in our area. Multiple presenters from NVEnergy, Community
Development and local wind energy professionals will speak. There will be a question and answer period
following the presentation. Some of the topics to be covered in the presentation include: ● How residential
wind power technology works ● NVEnergy “WindGenerations” rebate program ● Legislation and policy
promoting wind power ● Washoe County Development Code Article 326 (Wind Machines)
Staff Representative: Bill Whitney, Senior Planner, Washoe County Community Development, 775.328.3617