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South Valleys Area Plan Update

The South Valleys Area Plan was approved by the
Regional Planning Governing Board
on May 14, 2009

•    Strong vision and mission statements to maintain the rural character
of Washoe Valley
•    One house per five acres for East Washoe Valley including
Ophir Lake Properties (no specific plan for Mr. Weston)
•    One house per ten acres for West Washoe Valley with encouragement for ongoing agricultural land use
•    Defined commercial area boundaries with limited expansion
•    Compatible Allowed Uses for the commercial area
•    Language that shows the support Washoe County and the
Regional Planning Commission for a scenic byway
A fourteen mile Washoe Valley State Scenic Byway has been approved by the Nevada Department of Transportation.
Please check washoevalley.org for updates.
Goal not met:       The South Valleys Area Plan does not keep the TMSA out of Washoe Valley. Mr. Weston has a TMSA request for public water and sewer for his entire 640 acres.  Negotiations are in progress to limit his TMSA access to the north of the hydrographic basin line (currently being surveyed) on the property.  The TMSA request will be heard before the end of this year.
Please check washoevalley.org for updates.
Thank you to Commissioner David Humke; Washoe County Community Development; East and West Washoe Valley CAB members; the Washoe Valley Working Group members; and to the dedication and spirit of the entire Washoe Valley community.
Special thanks to washoevalley.org for keeping us informed.

SVAP Passed By County

According to emails we’ve received, the South Valley’s Area Plan was passed by the County Commissioners at their last meeting on April 8th. Don’t know the particulars but we hear the Washoe Valley Working Group folks put on a great presentation. Word is that the Regional Planning Board will consider it again in May.

If anyone involved would like to send in some info on the status of the SVAP, we’d be glad to share it.

SVAP Volunteers To Host Party

svapparty The members of the Washoe Valley Working Group are inviting the residents of Washoe Valley to their get-together at the Postal Cafe located at 3115 Eastlake Blvd on January 3rd at 5:30 pm. The group and other volunteers want to thank the local community for their help in the successful passage of a favorable plan by the county commissioners. Many local residents went out of their way to attend the many county commissioners meetings over the last several years to convince the commissioners that Washoe Valley residents are active and determined in their love of the existing Washoe Valley lifestyle.

It should be noted that although the SVAP has been approved by the county commissioners, the final step is approval by the Regional Planning  Commission.

Let’s go and celebrate our community victory!

Washoe Valley In The News

  • RGJ: The BLM will host an “Open House” public meeting today to let the public discuss the proposal to place 69 wind turbines up to 330′ tall on the ridges of the Virginia Range east of Washoe Valley. (Government agencies seem to be moving more towards open house type meeting to get away from the old question/answer/statement type format and minimize the input of individuals.-ed)
  • RGJ: The fate and effects of wild horses in the Virginia Range are discussed.
  • RGJ: County approves SVAP
  • National Wind Watch: BLM to hold open house on Virginia Range windmill farm.

editors note: sorry I didn’t see the notice about the wind farm meeting- if you see these things, please write in and let us know!

SVAP Passes – In A Good Way!

County Commissioners tonight finally passed the South Valleys Area Plan- the guide for development in Washoe Valley for the coming years. Members of the East and West CAB’s, the “Washoe Valley Working Group” and others worked for years with the county planning commission to craft a plan that will retain the historic, environmental, scenic and rural character of our unique valley.

The insatiable Reno/Sparks sprawl has been halted at the entrance of the valley and we can continue to enjoy the quality of life that has been lost in other areas of the county and region. Recently a billboard in Reno bragged “The New Meaning of Ranch” over a photo of a sea of rooftops in Double Diamond Ranch. Thankfully, “ranch” in Washoe Valley will still mean horses, livestock, pastures and room to roam.

We will be posting more details on the plan as passed in the near future.

Some comments emailed to the editor:

“Tonight the Board of County Commissioners approved the South Valleys Area Plan including the Washoe Valley section with no more than the maximum allowed density for the Weston property.  The Board approved Option C, MDR ( 1 unit per 5 acres).  This rural land use designation does NOT require Washoe County services, TMSA.  It does NOT threaten our rural way-of-life.  Development Constraints & other important considerations will limit the number of units to the appropriate number.

MANY, MANY THANKS to all who attended, e-mailed, wrote, phoned and in other ways supported our wonderful Washoe Valley and our rural lifestyle.  The four long years the Washoe Valley Working Group and others have spent developing an acceptable plan for our Valley have not been wasted.  It could not have happened without your input and support.

My appreciation and heartfelt thanks to every one of you.

Carol Christensen
Washoe Valley Working Group


“Hi Rick!
I’m happily informing the whole Washoe Valley that the South Valley’s Area Plan has passed tonight at the Board of County Commissioners meeting with Option C (112 potential lots, 90 likely lots considering slope & roads) being adopted instead of Option A as Weston wanted (176 potential lots, 141 likely lots).  Option A required TMSA (Truckee Meadows Services Area) on the Pleasant Valley side.  Option C is only septic & wells, 1 house per 5 acres throughout his property, and NO TMSA!  Our Valley is saved from our rural character being destroyed!  No options for denser developments!  The East & West Washoe Valleys and working groups are SO HAPPY!
When you see Bill & Marilyn Naylor, Carol Christensen, Monica Frank,
bob Rusk, or Susan Juetten, please thank them from the bottoms of your hearts.  They were the main individuals crafting & perfecting this plan.  Others who worked hard on it also to thank are Dave Harrison, Gary Houk, Tom Callicrate, and Jane Countryman.
Thank you Commissioner Humke for proposing the SVAP with Option C!  Washoe Valley citizens, the Washoe Working groups, and CAB’s all thank you SO MUCH for standing behind the valley & supporting us!
Thank you all Washoe Valley residents for coming to the meeting!  You made a great impact on the Commissioners!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you
Respectfully submitted,
Ann York, East Washoe Valley CAB member”

Residents Urged To Attend SVAP Meeting

Jeff over at MtRoseScenicCorridor.com has been doing a great job getting the word out on current development events just over the hill to the north along the Mt Rose Highway. Topics include the “Forest Area PLan”, sprawl, an unpermitted dam that could endanger Washoe Valley, and developers who are delinquent on their taxes among other concerns. Those interested in the fate of Washoe Valley would do well to follow the concerns of our neighbors to the north as many issues we have are common to other areas of the county.

Jeff communicates via an email newsletter and to get on the list, email him at savemtrose@earthlink.net.

Our East Washoe Valley CAB chair sent the following information to Jeff regarding the South Valleys Area Plan (SVAP) status which we will reprint here:

BCC sent the SVAP back to staff to be re-drafted to meet certain conditions;
To meet with the SVAP working group and to work out an option for Weston that was between 15 and 176 units.
To state that there would be no TMSA moved into Washoe Valley
To make a statement that explained the RGB’s emphasis on northward growth and not southward
The planning staff came back with several options including the W/Gs (Washoe Valley Working Group) preference for an MDR zoning which is in keeping with the Rural Development Areas (Washoe Valley) guidlines.
The Planning Commission after hearing the options (and the viewpoints of Adrian Fruend)
chose the option with the most density, no buffer to prevent the incursion of the TMSA (we had hoped at least to make sure that no parcel extended into the Washoe Valley hydrographic basin with the intent of defeating the contiguity necessary to add more TMSA)
This option is actually somewhat vague as to what number of units can actually be accomplished but generally opts for 176 and would require TMSA.
Staff made no reference to the other two items except that Director Fruend emphasised that in his opinion the TMSA would be coming to Washoe Valley anyway and that it would not be a bad thing (ignoring the fact that it would then open the doors for further development)
After the ruling Chairman Weber gave a long condemnation of the W/G and the Washoe Valley residents for continuing to challenge the process and their rulings.
It is my understanding that though in it’s previous form the BCC (Board of County Commissioners) could not alter the PC’s (Planning Commission’s) recommentations, in it’s current form they can chose to alter the staff and PC’s recommendations regarding density should they desire.
Therefore it is important that all concerned citizens express their views, by whatever means possible ie: letters, emails, speaking at the BCC meeting on the 9th or just showing up there.
I’d be happy to answer whatever further questions you may have.
Thank you very much
Dave Harrison

SVAP To Be Approved

The South Valleys Area Plan as it applies to Washoe Valley is expected to be approved by the county commissioners at their December 9th meeting at the county facility on 9th Street in Reno. We hear the local folks working with the county on “getting it right” wish for a large public turnout at this meeting but we have not heard the particulars yet. We will keep you posted. The meeting will start at 5:30 pm.

Option A Approved

The Washoe Valley Working Group, the Planning Commission and Washoe County Commissioners continue to wrangle over the future fate of Washoe Valley and last week another hurdle was cleared. The “Ophir” (Weston) property at the corner of Hwy 395, Eastlake Blvd and Skinner, where a major subdivision has been proposed has been approved in a compromise move. From a correspondent:
Last Wed. night the WC Planning Commission approved Option A for the Ophir (Weston) property, which allows for 176 potential lots (considering slopes & roads, 141 likely lots). There were roughly about 15 people from Washoe Valley including the working group & me. We didn’t think it would have made any difference if a large number of residents attend, otherwise we would have put the word out. A working committee had 3 meetings to discuss options for the property, 2 from the Planning Com., the chair from East & West CAB’s, 2 from each of the East & West working groups, & Lee Weston & his representatives. The results of these meetings & the PC’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) are probably what the PC listened to the most. Again we spoke up for Washoe Valley as we usually do. I think they just listened to us because they had to. The good result of this plan is that the TMSA & denser lots are kept only on the Pleasant Valley side in the Pleasant Valley hydrological basin & not at all in the Washoe Valley Hydrological basin. There is a strip of High Density Rural along the western edge of the Low Density Suburban area and along the hydrographic basin line which is intended to act as a buffer between the one acre & the 5 acre zones (LDS & MDR). I think the intent there is to protect our valley from the TMSA entering it which is what the PC knows is our major concern.

The County Commissioners will meet again on December 9th and will probalby vote to finally approve the final draft of the South Valleys Area Plan. Read more on the history of the process on the SVAP Page found in the left margin, under “Hot Topics” via the “Classic Pages” button on the main page here.

SVAP: Panel orders another revision

The SVAP meeting last week went well for residents as the county commissioners chose to scale back the “Weston/Lowden” development proposal in this article in the RGJ.com. According to the article, about 100 valley residents made a presence that once again impressed the commissioners.

The commissioners have given the planners 40 days to change the development plan from 334 homes on 636 acres to 15 to 176 homes. Look for another SVAP meeting to attend then.

Notice of SVAP Meeting

On September 9th, the county commissioners are going to revisit the latest version of the South Valleys Area Plan. This is after years of negotiations between citizens of Washoe Valley and the county’s planning staff. Previous public turnout at these meetings has had a great effect on convincing the commissioners that residents of Washoe Valley care about the character of the valley and their quality of life. Another great turnout is needed to show that we are still here and still care. The Flier:


Washoe County Offices, Wells and 9th Street, Bldg. A

! Washoe County Commissioners consider approval of the South Valley Area Plan for Washoe Valley.
! 334 Homes are considered for the Weston/Ophir Road Section at Washoe Hill in an Appendix to the plan.

The Washoe Valley CABS and Working Group SUPPORT:

The Planning Commission approved Option 2 with 334 homes and suburban zoning for the Weston/Ophir Section which will bring Truckee Meadows municipal services into the Washoe Valley planning area. Option 3 includes 176 homes also requiring municipal services. Option 1 with fifteen 40 acre parcels is the only conforming option offered for consideration. Go to www.co.washoe.nv.us to view the plan, maps and email the commissioners.

E-MAIL NOW, CALL the Commissioners at 775-328-2005 NOW, and ATTEND!!!
Washoe County Commissioners, 1001 E. 9th St., P.O. Box 11130, Reno, NV 89520-0027
dhumke@washoecounty.us rlarkin@washoecounty.us jgalloway@washoecounty.us kjung@washoecounty.us bweber@washoecounty.us

We will ask Commissioners Humke, Galloway, Jung, Larkin and Weber to please:
> REJECT the Planning Commission recommendation for 334 homes and Truckee Meadows Municipal services for all portions of the Weston section,
> REJECT zoning requiring Truckee Meadows Municipal Services in the Washoe Valley planning area,
> REMOVE the proposed appendix options for the Weston/Ophir Road Section and
> APPROVE the Washoe Valley Portion of the South Valley Area Plan without the Weston/Ophir Road Appendix Options.
Options 2 (334 homes) and 3 (176 homes) do not conform to the Truckee Meadows Regional Plan, the State Engineer 5 Acre limitation for Washoe Valley, the Master Plan or the South Valley Area Plan. The entire Weston/Ophir Section is included as part of Washoe Valley Rural planning area in every Washoe County policy and map. No Weston development should be included in the already approved Pleasant Valley area plan.”
We are counting on the Board of County Commissioners to do the right thing.
Thank you.
The Washoe Valley Working Group Contact us at talktome@gbis.com or 849-1078.

For More information go to WashoeValley.org