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Development Meeting March 1st

Take your date out to dinner in Reno and also attend this meeting on the encroachment of Reno City Limits on Washoe Valley.

They haven’t posted an agenda for the meeting yet but I will post it (if) and when they do. If anyone has any other info, send it to washoevalley@gmail.com and I will post it.

Here’s some info Jill Mueller submitted on Nextdoor:

I don’t know if any of you made it to Wednesday’s meeting at the South Valleys Library where we heard Bob Lucey, our Commissioner here in Washoe Valley speak about what’s happening in Pleasant Valley, but I did. It was an eye opener!

In a nutshell, the City of Reno, by law, without allowing people in the area to have a voice, can annex land for sale with just a corner of it touching the City of Reno limits. And this is just what they are doing in Pleasant Valley all around the Hot Springs, so that they can rezone it for a land developer from California to buy it and plant houses and apartments.

There is also a law around the end of the city limits called a Sphere of Influence. That’s somthing like a 150′ leeway to help them add more later on.

City status has with it attached, sewers, city water, sidewalks and street lights, and most definently a way of life that is totally different from what we love here in Washoe Valley. Could even mean rezoning out here and no more horses.

I hope you can see that the saying: “Give them an inch and they will take a mile” would ultimately effect us too.

I believe we ALL need to stand up for our rural lifestyle here and SUPPORT THOSE PEOPLE IN PLEASANT VALLEY. our neighbors.

What we can do NOW is:
1. Call all our Senators and Assemblymen and tell them to look at the annexation law and change it so we have a voice in rural Nevada. and
2. Plan to just come to the Reno City Hall on March 1 at 6 PM to show support of the Pleasant Valley home owners. Bring Reno friends too if they believe in having Rural Nevada.

Commissioner Bob Lucey: Cell 775-501-0001, email blucey@washoecounty.us

Silver Mills Still Around

Or at least their effluent. Mercury was used extensively in the process to extract silver and gold from the native rock mined around the Virginia Range to the east. At the beginning of the development of the Comstock Lode, several mills located in Washoe Valley used the abundant water from the Carson Range to the west in the process. The effluent, a mixture of whatever mercury was lost in the crude recovery process and other heavy metals leached from the ores was washed down the outlet of Little Washoe Lake into Steamboat Creek and eventually into the Truckee River.

The book “Distribution of total and methyl mercury in sediments along Steamboat Creek”, published in 2004 documents the process and the remaining elevated mercury levels along the route. The photo above is of the last remnants of a mill along Hwy 395 on the west side of Washoe Lake at the site of the ghosttown of Ophir.

We usually hear about elevated levels of mercury in the Carson River due to the mills there but Steamboat Creek shares a similar history. The “quartz mills” operated from about 1860 through 1873 when the newly completed Virginia and Truckee Railroad and new mills along the Carson River put them out of business.