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Have You Tried The New Freeway?

Took the new 580 the other day from North to South. Pretty cool although we will never use it unless we have to drive straight from one city to the other which is extremely rare. We live in New Washoe City on the east side of the lake and there is no off-ramp for us. Driving the old highway is now stress-free with very little traffic. The north-bound stoplight at Mt. Rose highway I’m sure the folks in Pleasant Valley are really loving it now that they aren’t taking their lives in their hands every time they want to enter or exit the highway.
It’s going to be tough on the businesses that depend on drive-by customers and Washoe City will continue to shed these shops.
As for the drive itself, the views are cool although the shoulder barriers are high and you really can’t see anything dramatic from the big bridge.

Onramp Improvements At The South Valley

We’ve been asked about the on ramp work at the south end of the valley and if anyone has any info- please send it in! Just from my casual observation it looks like they are addressing the deadly proposition of accelerating to 70 mph in a very short distance to merge with the thundering herd. Hopefully they are making the approach and merge area much longer to give mergers and mergees time to get to know each other.

Freeway Progressing

Just got our newsletter about the freeway extension. It’s a good reminder to check out their cool website at


Paving Project in Washoe Valley

This News 4 article is mostly about driving safely in NDOT construction zones but mentions that “US 395 from Pagni Lane to Bowers Mansion Road: Resurface roadway beginning in July and completed in November.” Pagni Road is in the south end of Pleasant Valley and Bowers Mansion Road is, umm, right over, uh, dunno. Do they mean the driveway to Bowers Mansion or Old 395 where it leaves 395? I can’t find an actual “Bower’s Mansion Road”.

Nevada Road Conditions Made Easy

Traveling Nevada has just initiated an easy web-based service to provide road conditions in Nevada with links to California roads, construction and ski reports here at nvroads/mobi/

You can bookmark this page in your mobilephone to get updates on the road.