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Development Meeting Feb 15, 2017

There is a meeting for residents of Pleasant Valley and Washoe Valley scheduled for February 15 at 6pm at the South Valley’s Library at 15650 Wedge Parkway. This is a grass-roots residents meeting to discuss a zoning change for a planned development with a possible extension of the Reno City Limits.

The area to be developed is along the eastside of Hwy 395 between Rhodes Rd and Towne Road to the north. This is where Steamboat Hot Springs Resort is but that is apparently not involved.

Besides creeping high density development, our main concern is water and the proposals are very vague on that issue. It will probably be a good way for Washoe Valley residents to get up to speed in preparation to fight it here.

Ten years ago during the housing frenzy, developers were talking about needing water and sewer systems in Washoe Valley for their developments and that would mean annexation to Reno.

The website for the Pleasant Valley group is: saveruralnevada.com

They have the development documents available for pdf download on the site.

Here are the only mentions of water in the Rhodes Rd proposal:







The only “significant infrastructure improvements” the study cites is the new freeway so I don’t know how that provides adequate water. Considering that before this unusual winter, unappropriated water was disapearing as development is exploding in the area they should explain to us how this development is possible without taking water resources from current residents. I don’t know who would want to build a house on a hot springs but that is just me.

Hopefully you can attend the meeting.

Have You Tried The New Freeway?

Took the new 580 the other day from North to South. Pretty cool although we will never use it unless we have to drive straight from one city to the other which is extremely rare. We live in New Washoe City on the east side of the lake and there is no off-ramp for us. Driving the old highway is now stress-free with very little traffic. The north-bound stoplight at Mt. Rose highway I’m sure the folks in Pleasant Valley are really loving it now that they aren’t taking their lives in their hands every time they want to enter or exit the highway.
It’s going to be tough on the businesses that depend on drive-by customers and Washoe City will continue to shed these shops.
As for the drive itself, the views are cool although the shoulder barriers are high and you really can’t see anything dramatic from the big bridge.

Washoe Fire Fund Donations Needed!

The Pleasant Valley Volunteer Fire Department in cooperation with Pleasant Valley Elementary School has set up an account to allow the community to donate to the victims of the Washoe Drive fire. People wishing to donate can go to any Wells Fargo branch and reference; Pleasant Valley VFD Washoe Drive Fire Victims Fund acct # 9932426530. I am available any time for questions.
Shawn Wilburn, Chief
Pleasant Valley Volunteer Fire Department
CELL: 775-846-2684