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Business Profile: Tower Gardens

Want to grow your own produce?
No digging! No weeds! No bending!
Saves on soil and water usage!
Join the Locavore Movement!

“We started growing our Tower Garden produce from “starter plants” to have a “jump start” on the process. We have learned a lot and want to share with you the convenience; simplicity, beauty, affordability and the health benefits of growing your own produce at home, no matter the season!” (“Roc’o” & Sheryl Kennedy)

Sheryl Kennedy (775) 815-6451
Web: www.SherylKennedy.towergarden.com

Solve a Mystery!

The only natural wildflower we have in the yard is this one. I have been through my 6 Sierra wildflower books and haven’t found it. It is a ground hugging plant that sends out short streamers with fern -like leaves and lavender flowers. It likes bare, sandy areas like the driveway, unfortunately for it. A variety of cinquefoil maybe? Any ideas?

That was quick! Thanks to Walt and Dan for identifying it as “Storksbill” from the geranium family. Here’s a link to a site that describes it: DesertUSA

Notes From the WV Garden Club

Hi Gardeners –

What an incredible spring we’re having.  Enjoy those weeds and seeds!

NEWS:  At Amy Casey’s suggestion last Wednesday, the Garden Group decided on having an area-wide Garage Sale weekend.  We talked about several dates, but Amy and Bob could not make those and so the date she is organizing for is **May 18 & 19th.**  She has offered to compile a MAP of our area and put the garage sales on that.  It would be advertised on Craig’s list so with many of us setting up for garage sales, we could expect a goodly number of folks to drive out from Reno or Carson City.

To get on the list for the map, please contact Amy at abcasey@aol.com (best method) or if not available,  775-530-3748.

A Garden Group member has items from their garden they are willing to share:

Betty and Ron Hicks have iris available for taking and three Bantam chickens.  Rooster and two hens, I believe.  Please contact Betty for either.  849-3344

Local Gardener Offers Help

I am a local gardener offering skilled gardening services and light
landscaping to the Washoe Valley and greater Washoe County area. No
job is too small!

If you need help putting in a vegetable garden or sprucing up your
landscape with an edible or natural landscape or flower garden, I
offer quality work at reasonable rates. I also specialize in
Xeriscapes (low-water, low-maintenance plantings) and small features
such as water fountains, benches, walkways. Rototilling and yard
clean-up also available. I like to see smiles on my customer’s faces!

Shanti Stearns
GOOD SEED Garden and Landscape
“A good seed is a good deed.”

Garden Group Plans Pot Luck

Hi Gardeners –

Well, the weather sure changed last night. Now we’re actually into fall – maybe even winter. I hope you were able to save what was still in your gardens. What an amazing fall we’ve had.

The Fall Potluck is scheduled for Saturday evening, November 12 at 6:30 pm. Betty and Ron Hicks have graciously offered their home for the potluck. Please invite all your friends and neighbors and gardener-wanna-bees to come and just see how much fun we have. Bring a dish to share with everyone and come and just enjoy the company.

If there are valley residents who have hesitated coming to the Garden Group because they don’t have time for gardening or just don’t feel like they know enough, this would be a great time to introduce them to fellow gardeners and what is possible here. The 4 years Bill and I have been gardening here has been a process of trial-and-error and finding out what can work. And each garden is different based on what the gardener does also. We don’t have control over the weather, but much is possible with a little effort.

I’m attaching the flyer for the potluck. Please print out and share with your neighbors. I look forward to seeing you all there.

BTW, I received the minutes from the last CAB meeting for East Washoe Valley. They are sent out from Washoe County offices. If you want me to send you the email I received so that you may also be on their email list (and it also has the minutes attached), let me know and I’ll forward to you.

Warm regards,


Donna Murphy-Sharp

photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/33173530@N03/

Invasive Weed Question

Dear Rick:  I wrote you previously with a question about weeds, and you were very helpful.

Now I have another question:  The weeds in Washoe Valley that are said to be “invasive” —  why are they bad?  What is harmful about them?  I refer primarily to the 5 or 6 posted on the sign at the north end of Eastlake Blvd, near 395.

BTW, I did forward my first question (in May or so) to the Coop. Extension at UNR.  I never received a reply from them at all.

Any info or explanation you can provide (or forward my question to some “expert”?), I would appreciate.

Hi, Dear Reader,

I’m sorry you received no help from the UNRCE. It is too bad they say they want our help butthen ignore us! As far as invasive weeds go, I went to the website of the Washoe/Pleasant Valley Cooperative Weed Management Area (the folks who I think put up the sign) and couldn’t find a definition. Their site needs some work. But try their email link anyway.

I think, in my limited knowledge, that invasive or noxious weeds are those that are not native to our area and push out theweed-skeleton native and more beneficial plants and “weeds”.

I think the “authorities” are mostly concerned with a set list of weeds that they are battling in large areas such as parks,  pastures, roadsides and waterways. We here at washoevally.org have expanded that with our information about “obnoxious” weeds that appear in our yards at home.

If you have specific weed you are curious about, send us a photo and we’ll try to learn more about it and add it to our list!

weed shown: Spiny Skeleton Weed. Ouch! But easy to root out.