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Washoe Valley Fall Photos

misc 599web Well, I let us all down this fall and didn’t get out to photo any good fall colors although on our way to the Nevada Day parade tomorrow, I just might get some good cottonwoods along south Eastlake Blvd. Even mother Nature let us down, I think, the long, dry, hot summer and fall cost us a lot of color as the leaves seem to be just drying up and blowing away.

Nevadadcnr on the flickr photo site has some shots of Washoe Lake State Park to check out. I went to his “photostream” and also noticed he has some shots of an upcoming John Tyson piece on Marlette Lake that is just over the hill to the west. Some shots are of Hobart Reservoir on the east side of the Carson Range and therefore in our “neighborhood”. John is the host of the channel 8 show, John Tyson’s Journal, a travelogue of Nevada and its unique people. We happened to be in one of his shows when we visited the Wabuska Bar in Wabuska on our way home from Arizona one day. Very fun. It is on a hard drive around here somewhere and it about time I looked for it to save it.

Anyways, I digress. Just try to get out, take a drive around the valley and enjoy what color and iconic scenes there are this fall and we’ll see you at the parade tomorrow.

Washoe Lake State Park

The Dept of Conservation has a nice write-up and photo slide-show on Washoe Lake State Park on their website. Here’s the text:

“Washoe Lake State Park is beautiful this time of year. The water level is down, most of the campers are gone, but the views remain stunning. A mid-week, late-afternoon stroll through the park yielded diverse fall colors, a few birds in the bird watching area and scenes like fine-art paintings. Click the image above to view a slide-show – and if you get a chance, spend an afternoon there, especially while it’s still warm.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Most of us tend to take where we live for granted, after living here several years, me included. It takes a reminder like this though, to get out and take some time to enjoy our valley like we’re seeing it for the first time, like “tourists in our hometown”.