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Reader Comment

“I live Washoe Valley and love it! Like many people, I walk my dogs at the main beach (off Lakeshore). I’m unhappy to see more and more people are not picking up after their dogs in the area. I don’t want to be accused of being overly sensitive, but the reason there are less places to walk our dogs is that people do not pick up after them. Now your dogs go off in in the sagebrush, I’m not going to quibble, but on the beach and where people walk, try too pick up after them. This seems to occur in other areas of the park too, but it seems to be worse at the beach. Other than being unpleasant, we want to keep Washoe Valley beautiful—and wild, don’t we?

Maybe I’m missing something. What do other people think?”

Thoughts on Dogs

from a reader:

We are all so fortunate to live in such a scenic area.  Many of us take a daily early morning walks.  I enjoy seeing many of my Neighbor’s out walking their dogs, but I don’t enjoy seeing all the dog poop left on the edge of the road and occassionally on the road.  Also for you folks with aggressive dogs, please keep them on a leash.
One last request.  Folks please keep your dogs fenced on your property.  Dogs should never be allowed to freely wander the neighborhood.   It’s not just an annoyance for your neighbor’s, but it is dangerous for your dog.
Your Neighbor