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Subdivision Site For Sale

I ran across this real estate ad for a 45 acre parcel that is subdivided into 14 parcels described as being in the “Franktown Valley”. It is part of the old Pedroli ranch along highway 395 in the center of Washoe Valley and it’s available to “boutique custom home builder’s” or whoever else has $3.5 million. The web ad is sophisticated and has panaramic video of the site.

Comment on Sign Vandalism

An attendee of this month’s East WV Citizen Advisory Committee (CAB) meeting sends this in:

At our last East WV CAB meeting last Tues. the 16th the Chair Dave
Harrison declared very emphatically for the record that the EWV CAB does not
approve of the defacing of 3 out of 4 of the Sierra Vista Ranch signs which
has been done. The CAB unanimously backed up that statement. It is entirely
unappropriate for anyone to deface an owner’s signs. ¬†If a party is unhappy
with the project, that person should attend the meetings that address it
before the project is approved.  Everyone has the democratic right to
develop their property without harassment.

SVAP: Panel orders another revision

The SVAP meeting last week went well for residents as the county commissioners chose to scale back the “Weston/Lowden” development proposal in this article in the RGJ.com. According to the article, about 100 valley residents made a presence that once again impressed the commissioners.

The commissioners have given the planners 40 days to change the development plan from 334 homes on 636 acres to 15 to 176 homes. Look for another SVAP meeting to attend then.

Sierra Vista Ranches?

Ever hear of that one? Go to Sierravistaranches.com
and check out the plans for thirteen 5.7 acres lots in the “Equestrian Country Club” planned for a strip of land across the street from Little Washoe Lake along East Lake Blvd. The site includes conceptual sketches of the homes, site and views. The development will stretch from Skinner Rd on the south to Hwy 395 on the north bisecting the old Ophir Road. The site plan shows the historic road to the backcountry realigned to pass across lot number 2. Will the new owner of the ranch contry club lot come to resent OHV travelors crossing his property at some point?

Homeowners will belong to “The Stables” described thusly:

The Stables will include every aspect of the equestrian experience. Indoor and outdoor riding rings, work stables, barns and the full service associated with an Equestrian County Club.

The project is being developed by Jeffrey Lowden, one of the property owners who has been at the center of the “Weston/Lowden” development controversy within the South Valleys Area Plan process. Apparently, they are scaling back their plans for a larger, joint development in favor of smaller developments with larger lots.

Notice of SVAP Meeting

On September 9th, the county commissioners are going to revisit the latest version of the South Valleys Area Plan. This is after years of negotiations between citizens of Washoe Valley and the county’s planning staff. Previous public turnout at these meetings has had a great effect on convincing the commissioners that residents of Washoe Valley care about the character of the valley and their quality of life. Another great turnout is needed to show that we are still here and still care. The Flier:


Washoe County Offices, Wells and 9th Street, Bldg. A

! Washoe County Commissioners consider approval of the South Valley Area Plan for Washoe Valley.
! 334 Homes are considered for the Weston/Ophir Road Section at Washoe Hill in an Appendix to the plan.

The Washoe Valley CABS and Working Group SUPPORT:

The Planning Commission approved Option 2 with 334 homes and suburban zoning for the Weston/Ophir Section which will bring Truckee Meadows municipal services into the Washoe Valley planning area. Option 3 includes 176 homes also requiring municipal services. Option 1 with fifteen 40 acre parcels is the only conforming option offered for consideration. Go to www.co.washoe.nv.us to view the plan, maps and email the commissioners.

E-MAIL NOW, CALL the Commissioners at 775-328-2005 NOW, and ATTEND!!!
Washoe County Commissioners, 1001 E. 9th St., P.O. Box 11130, Reno, NV 89520-0027
dhumke@washoecounty.us rlarkin@washoecounty.us jgalloway@washoecounty.us kjung@washoecounty.us bweber@washoecounty.us

We will ask Commissioners Humke, Galloway, Jung, Larkin and Weber to please:
> REJECT the Planning Commission recommendation for 334 homes and Truckee Meadows Municipal services for all portions of the Weston section,
> REJECT zoning requiring Truckee Meadows Municipal Services in the Washoe Valley planning area,
> REMOVE the proposed appendix options for the Weston/Ophir Road Section and
> APPROVE the Washoe Valley Portion of the South Valley Area Plan without the Weston/Ophir Road Appendix Options.
Options 2 (334 homes) and 3 (176 homes) do not conform to the Truckee Meadows Regional Plan, the State Engineer 5 Acre limitation for Washoe Valley, the Master Plan or the South Valley Area Plan. The entire Weston/Ophir Section is included as part of Washoe Valley Rural planning area in every Washoe County policy and map. No Weston development should be included in the already approved Pleasant Valley area plan.”
We are counting on the Board of County Commissioners to do the right thing.
Thank you.
The Washoe Valley Working Group Contact us at talktome@gbis.com or 849-1078.

For More information go to WashoeValley.org