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West WVCAB Highlights

The West Washoe Valley Citizens Advisory Board met on October 6th and discussed the following items as gleaned from the minutes:

  • The sheriff’s representative reported the area was quiet but that drivers should not leave their running cars unattended.
  • He was advised that motorcyclists speed on old 395 and hunters scope out game on Franktown Rd.
  • The fire chief reported that defensible space inspections are 50% completed
  • A wildland fire buffer is being created between West Washoe Valley and Little Valley to the west.
  • There is opposition to paved trails along Washoe Lake but the O’Brien property has been purchased for a trailhead.
  • A horse arena for public viewing has been approved for land off of Bellevue Road. A large equipment sales and rental operation was also approved.
  • Problem bears are being relocated to the area from Yosemite. A citizen asserts that this has been going on since 1946.
  • A fire summit was held in September but it was stated more public participation is needed.
  • The Lightning W water system was discussed.
  • Bus service was discussed.

East WV CAB Highlights

The East WV Citizen Advisory Board met on September 16th and discussed the following matters among others as noted in the minutes:

  • Washoe County Parks and Rec announced $175,000 is available for trails in Washoe Valley.
  • Designating Washoe Valley as a Scenic Byway is moving ahead.
  • The new nuisance ordinance is ready and has been submitted to the county commission.

Comment on Sign Vandalism

An attendee of this month’s East WV Citizen Advisory Committee (CAB) meeting sends this in:

At our last East WV CAB meeting last Tues. the 16th the Chair Dave
Harrison declared very emphatically for the record that the EWV CAB does not
approve of the defacing of 3 out of 4 of the Sierra Vista Ranch signs which
has been done. The CAB unanimously backed up that statement. It is entirely
unappropriate for anyone to deface an owner’s signs. ¬†If a party is unhappy
with the project, that person should attend the meetings that address it
before the project is approved.  Everyone has the democratic right to
develop their property without harassment.