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Gardening Pot Luck Saturday

Hello everyone –

…and winter!

I hope you’ve planned to attend the Fall Potluck Saturday (yes, THIS Saturday) with your fellow gardeners (or not yet gardeners) and enjoy and evening of good food and company.  Bring your favorite dish and your beverage of choice and meet everyone at 6:30 at Betty and Ron Hicks house on Chipmunk.  6:30 Saturday.  Let’s celebrate the success and failures we had this year and do it together.  Open to all, bring your friends.

Here are the directions:  Take Eastlake to Coyote (between Cottontail and Monarch) to the uphill direction (right or left depending on your direction).  Take Coyote to Chipmunk (the second street) and make a LEFT.  Drive to 2360 Chipmunk (on the uphill side).  If you need to call the Hicks’ their number is 849-3344.

It would be good to have an idea about how many might be attending for paper products, etc.  Would you email me your plans to attend?  Thanks.

Donna Murpy-Sharp

Garden Group Plans Pot Luck

Hi Gardeners –

Well, the weather sure changed last night. Now we’re actually into fall – maybe even winter. I hope you were able to save what was still in your gardens. What an amazing fall we’ve had.

The Fall Potluck is scheduled for Saturday evening, November 12 at 6:30 pm. Betty and Ron Hicks have graciously offered their home for the potluck. Please invite all your friends and neighbors and gardener-wanna-bees to come and just see how much fun we have. Bring a dish to share with everyone and come and just enjoy the company.

If there are valley residents who have hesitated coming to the Garden Group because they don’t have time for gardening or just don’t feel like they know enough, this would be a great time to introduce them to fellow gardeners and what is possible here. The 4 years Bill and I have been gardening here has been a process of trial-and-error and finding out what can work. And each garden is different based on what the gardener does also. We don’t have control over the weather, but much is possible with a little effort.

I’m attaching the flyer for the potluck. Please print out and share with your neighbors. I look forward to seeing you all there.

BTW, I received the minutes from the last CAB meeting for East Washoe Valley. They are sent out from Washoe County offices. If you want me to send you the email I received so that you may also be on their email list (and it also has the minutes attached), let me know and I’ll forward to you.

Warm regards,


Donna Murphy-Sharp

photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/33173530@N03/

Google Maps Updates WV Data

I noticed recently that Google Maps has updated their satellite photo of Washoe Valley. The new photos were taken on about June 10, 2011. The last set was from about 5 years ago so there are some changes. This view is of the Postal Cafe on Eastlake Blvd. Check it out and see what was happening in your yard on June 10!

An Afternoon in Gold Hill

Virginia City is where we go when we need to get out of the valley but have no good ideas. The USA’s largest historic district always has something of interest. This time we went up for a hike down 7 mile canyon east of town past John Tyson’s old place. We always look for minerals and found a little jasper and some rough quartz crystals so we weren’t skunked there.
It happened to be the day of the Outhouse Races so we avoided that and on the way home stopped at the Gold Hill Hotel to visit their cool saloon and have a cold beer after our dusty hike. Suddenly the place filled with ghosts, ghouls and Comstock characters as we learned it was the dress rehearsal for the show “Frankenfollies”, a light-hearted, Comstock centric, vaudelville-style dance and song review that premieres Friday, October 7. We shared cocktails with the devil as he reviewed his lines and got into character. The actors are all brave locals and the shows are hilarious. Where else can you patronize a historic bar that also doubles as “back stage?”
Next we took a short stroll up the hill to Maynard Station, another Gold Hill watering hole. This tidy establishment is run by a congenial husband/wife team and is a great place for mature conversation. On this day we met a couple in period costume, the local newspaperman, another 5th generation couple from my hometown and Don who owns and runs a one man hardrock gold mine near Austin, Nevada. He said that for years, he would work all day in the shaft while his wife worked the hoist and ran the mill by herself. We enjoyed a beer and a hot pastie (a meat and potatoes turnover from the mining days) while we talked history and mining.
Next time you want a mini-getaway, try the “ghost town” of Gold Hill!

Spring in Washoe Valley


Riding Season At A Gallop


Horsemen are taking advantage of spring weather to enjoy the many riding oppurtunities around Washoe Valley. From riding the beach, which is getting narrower all the time, by the way, to the lakeside dunes to the trails in the hills, riders and horses alike are a common sight.

An Easter Rainbow


Another Good Thing About Washoe Valley

According to the Wall Street Journal, other Nevada locales are gearing up for another Mormon Cricket invasion due to the mild winter. Places like North Reno and ghosttowns such as Tuscarora are being creative in their defense strategies against the sea of 2 inch insects. Residents of Tuscarora, all 13 of them, claim that the crickets hate hard rock music and are arranging  semicircle of boomboxes around the town to play noxious tunes from morning to night.

Meanwhile, here in Washoe Valley, we saw a 2 inch scorpion roadkill today on our walk and are cursing the burr buttercup that is springing up all over that will soon be the bane of any dogs paws.

Bowers Pool Still To Be Dry

This RGJ article further confirms that our local pool will be closed this summer but the rest of Bower’s Mansion County Park will be open. The parks dept. is looking for groups or companies to “sponsor a park”.