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Welcome to Washoe Valley!

We hope you enjoy this site that celebrates all things Washoe Valley- a great community. The layout is blog-style so feel free to scroll down the page to discover recent and old posts. If you are looking for a particular topic, click on a Category or a tag under Popular Topics found in the right column. Older, archived articles are in the Archives. We welcome your input on in the comments for each article and your articles, questions and concerns. Happy browsing!

Local Civics Resources:

  1. Washoe Valley Citizens Advisory Board (CAB) Meet county officials and offer input on county business in Washoe Valley. Meets the 2nd Thursday at 6pm at South Valleys library. Agendas
  2. County Comissioner: Bob Lucey 775-328-2005.
  3.  County Commission Meetings. 2nd, 3rd and 4th Tuesdays at 10am at 1001 E 9th. Meeting Schedule and agendas. Agendas available Wednesday prior to next meeting.
  4. Nevada Senate District 16, Ben Kiekhefer,
  5. Nevada Assembly District 40, Al Kramer, map
  6. Nevada Assembly District 26, Lisa Krasner, map
  7. U.S. Congressional District 2, Mark Amodei: 775-686-5760: email
  8. US Senator Dean Heller: 775-686-5770; email
  9. US Senator Catherine Cortez-Masto email
  10. washoevalleyalliance.org Local organization for coordinating community development concerns.
  11. nextdoor.com Free neighbor to neighbor posts just for Washoe Valley residents. 485 members as of this date.

If you have other local resources that should be listed here, please email the editor.

updated: 5 Jan 2017

Save This Site!

Due to protests on the internet, the Corporate Media Machine has finally had to report on SOPA and PIPA, the bills in Congress that hand control of the internet over to corporations. These corporate media empires, movies tv, and print, are losing the information control battle and their new strategy is “if you can’t beat the internet, own it”. This is bipartisan. Some Dems and Reps in Congress are bought and paid for by the corporations and other Dems and Reps are still fighting for us, the individuals. Let them know that all of us, Dems and Reps and independents want a free internet and exchange of information.
The bills in Congress require each web site to investigate every link they put up and every link in every comment or submitted post for any copyright infringement. A corporation will be able to have a site shut down and removed just on the suspicion of infringement and it will be up to the site owner to prove they are not guilty in court while their source of revenue is shut down. Free, nonprofit sites like this one will cease to exist. Only the wealthy corporations will survive and the internet will become nothing more than an online shopping mall.
Due you value the internet? Tell your congressman “Hands Off!”.

Map Links on Right Column

We’ve finally made the washoe valley interactive maps feature available on the front page as well as the new “History Map”
These maps give you a customized, interactive map to Washoe Valley with points of interest, parks, trails, businesses, etc.
The history map will show ghosttowns, quartz mills, sawmills, trails, roads and other historic points of interest and will make a great addition to our history features.

Finding “They Gave Thanks”

Greta Anderson wrote a great poem last winter about the equine life here in Washoe Valley and a reader recently wrote in looking for it. We have amassed alot of info here on the site and specific things can be hard to locate. Here’s how I did it.
1. I clicked on the Classic Pages button on the home page and that took me to the “old” washoevalley.org pages.
2. In my browser, I used the “find” tool under edit (Firefox) and searched for “Greta”.
3. That took me to the article that is still on the front page of the old pages. That provided this link to the poem.

4. If that doesn’t work, it may be on an archive page which is found at the bottom of the old pages front page. You can go to each of those archive pages and search them to find whatever was ever posted, whew.

This winter when we are all “snowed in” I hope to rearrange some info to make it easier to find but by using the above method, you should be able to find previously posted info. Let me know if you can’t.

Welcome To The New washoevalley.org!

We’ve been thinking about this for months and are finally ready to pull it off, I think. We are changing over to the “blog” format to get on board with the latest technology and make several, much needed, improvements.

The main reason is that now we can review, compile and update the site from any computer anywhere in the world which will make doing so more fun and timely.¬† I can cut my reliance on the pokey old PC and web software down in the “dungeon”.

There will be a transition period as we learn the new system, integrate the old site and discover, test and implement new features. One cool new feature is a front page events calendar.

Searching for articles and keywords (tags) will also allow you to find previously published information more easily. If you are savvy, you can sign up for an RSS feed to send you the headlines as they are published. Readers will also be able to post comments that will be automatically published with each article.

Please take the time to check it out and send in your suggestions and comments.