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Incline Lake Drained – Editorial

We drove by Incline Lake the other day and noticed it was drained. It has since been mentioned in the media. Recently, theincline-lake feds spent $46 million for a property with the major feature, and presumably the majority of the value, of an alpine lake. Now, after paying a premium for a lake, the feds say their is a danger of the 1946 dam failing. Huh? Couldn’t this be determined before we bought the lake?

Maybe we could have gotten a deal by saving the owner of the liability.

Anyway, we need to figure out a way to save our investment. Right here above Washoe Valley we have an answer, I think. Recently a homeowner in the northwest side of the valley allegedly modified Joy Lake, another old reservoir, without approved engineering or permits according to news reports. After the work was completed, the state engineer awarded him with a letter saying essentially that all standards had been met and the lake would “be safe for years to come”.

Let’s send this dam genius up to Incline Lake, let him work his magic on his homeowner’s budget and get a similar stamp of approval from the Nevada State Engineer.

One party sold us a lake that doesn’t exist and another took it upon himself to make a lake bigger and safe. We need to convince these dam people who know how to work the system to work for us too!

SVAP Passed By County

According to emails we’ve received, the South Valley’s Area Plan was passed by the County Commissioners at their last meeting on April 8th. Don’t know the particulars but we hear the Washoe Valley Working Group folks put on a great presentation. Word is that the Regional Planning Board will consider it again in May.

If anyone involved would like to send in some info on the status of the SVAP, we’d be glad to share it.

Paving Project in Washoe Valley

This News 4 article is mostly about driving safely in NDOT construction zones but mentions that “US 395 from Pagni Lane to Bowers Mansion Road: Resurface roadway beginning in July and completed in November.” Pagni Road is in the south end of Pleasant Valley and Bowers Mansion Road is, umm, right over, uh, dunno. Do they mean the driveway to Bowers Mansion or Old 395 where it leaves 395? I can’t find an actual “Bower’s Mansion Road”.

Suggest Ways To Spend Money

Washoe County asks for your cooperation in the following matter:

(see posts above for suggestions from residents)

“Additional State CDBG Grant Opportunity–

With the addition of stimulus funding there will be an additional funding round for the state CDBG program this spring. There is approximately $1,000,000 in funds available for this second round of grant funds.  Due to the timing requirement of these funds, the grant process is accelerated.  The deadline for submission of the preliminary application is April 17, 2009.  Please let me know as soon as possible if you have a project you are considering submitting.

Only unincorporated areas of Washoe County are eligible to submit to the State CDBG program.  In addition the primary goal of the CDBG program is to serve low to moderate income residents.  The areas eligible for area wide projects are primarily Sun Valley and Gerlach due to the income requirements.  In addition, projects that serve a limited clientele in other areas of unincorporated Washoe County may also be eligible.

Examples of Eligible Projects:

Water, wastewater and storm drain design and construction
Streets, roads, and sidewalks
Fire Stations
Community, senior and youth centers
Emergency vehicles/equipment
Downtown revitalization
Assisted living facilities
Substance Abuse Centers
Handicapped Access
Services programs

I will be conducting in information meeting on April 2, at 2:00 PM in the Washoe County Caucus Room at which the CDBG program, past CDBG projects, and program requirements will be reviewed.   I encourage you to call me at 328-2009 and discuss any project you are considering for submission.

Thank you for your assistance!


Gabrielle Enfield, MPA
Community Support Administrator
Office of the County Manager
Washoe County, Nevada
Voice: 775.328.2009
FAX:  775.328.2718”

Nuisance Ordinance Meeting & County Budget

Sarah Tone, County Outreach Coordinator for the Citizen’s Advisory Board (CAB) process, sends in these items:

§         A workshop on the draft Administrative Ordinance will be held on April 21. The event will be held at Bartley Ranch in the Ranch House. The meet will begin no earlier that 6 pm.  The date for the draft nuisance ordinance workshop has not been set. For more information, please visit http://www.washoecounty.us/nuisances. If you have any additional concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to call Bob Well at (775) 328-3623.

§         You can track our budget process through our website www.washoecounty.us (visit the link “Be a Part of the Budget Process”).

East WV CAB Followup

Sarah Tone, County Outreach Coordinator for the Citizen’s Advisory Board (CAB) process, sent these clarifications on march’s CAB meeting:

Regarding the South Valley ’s Area Plan, Washoe County is filing a letter of objection with the Regional Planning Commission (RPC). The letter will outline the reasons for conformance to the regional plan. The RPC approved the finding of conformance by a 5-4 vote; however, the action requires a 2/3 majority. Thus it was a technical denial. It is arguable that the reasons given for the denial was based on information not related or included in the South Valley ’s Area Plan and also not technically sound.  If the item is not approved at the RPC, staff will appeal the decision to the Regional Planning Governing Board. We understand that this is frustrating for all who have spent countless hours working on this plan. We will continue to keep you up to date on important meetings and events.

§         There is no cap on the total number of septic systems in Washoe Valley .

March EWV CAB Meeting Report

Neither the Washoe County Sheriff’s Dpt. nor the Reno Fire Dpt. were there, so no report.
Suzie Rogers, the Public Safety Officer reported her dpt. is the office you get when you call 911.  If it’s a fire or safety issue, they transfer the call to the South Dispatch Office, 832-4110. She informed us that if they receive either a 1 or a 9 call with a delay after, it defaults to 911. They must respond to all those calls thinking it could be an emergency.  Unfortunately sometimes an elder or young person tries to call and hangs up and starts over, which causes problems.
NVEnergy personnel was supposed to be present to address power outage concerns.  Unfortunately they were not, so that’s continued until next month.  Patty who lives at the end of the line on Ormsby Lane in the Lyon area expressed concerns about an annoying external noise source, a rather loud humming which goes off & on.  She says it’s getting louder and more unpleasant and really bothers her & her dog.  Patty has contacted them twice.
Someone asked about the status of the Lowden property on Eastlake.  Sarah Tone said if they sell one lot or more, owners would have to submit a tentative subdivision map, which has not been done yet.  That would have to go through the CAB.  The map on the signs is not official.
Dave Harrison reported on the Scenic By-ways Committee, saying it is tentatively approved, but probably will not be finalized for a year or two.
NDOW was not present, but informed Dave Harrison, who reported they were going to do a burn in Scripps this month , but could not get the dozers in time.  The goal was to burn out the invasive weeds, mostly whitetop, which had gotten out of control.  It may be done in April.
Sarah Tone, Outreach coordinator for Washoe County, informed about the budget, saying if had to be cut 47 million, 6% of the cuts in safety, and 36 -40% in libraries, museums, art, etc.  There will be a meeting at the end of April, ways to reduce CAB costs.  This will go into effect July 1st.  They now have a new email set-up for the public with worksheets and comment forms.  Sarah said don’t respond to this email.
The South Valleys Area Plan, Dave Harrison, the chair, reported it could go back to the Regional Governing Board again at the county’s request.  Ann York said she was there, and it was voted down 6, who favored, and 5 against.  It took 2/3 majority to pass, so it didn’t pass.  The main reason was because of the wells & septics, some feeling it would not be good for the general public or general planning since some wells are going dry and some others have nitrates.
Ann York said her & Valerie Wiliams have served their 6 year terms on the CAB, so in June there will be 2 vacancies in the CAB.  She stated that this valley needs all the help it can get.
Meeting ended.
Submited by Ann York, CAB member

Empty Budget=Empty Pool

It is reported that the Bowers Mansion Pool will be closed this summer in response to the county’s budget shortfall in this KTVN article.

“We’ve shut down our pools in Bowers Mansion and Washoe Valley and up in Sun Valley. The future of the Sierra Sage Golf Course will be determined between now and September 30th,” says spokesman Bob Harmon.””

East Washoe Valley CAB Needs YOU!

The East Washoe Valley Citizen’s Advisory Board will be losing two members by June and need two members of the community to volunteer to one night a month. Members of the CAB meet for a couple hours in the evening to facilitate communication between citizens and Washoe County on local concerns and issues.


December East WV CAB

Decembers meeting of the East Washoe Valley CAB was held on December 16th. The board members, county oficials and the public discussed local crime, county budget cuts, illegal dumping and weed abatement among other issues. See the minutes and the agenda for this months meeting on January 20th, here.