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Public Land Grab Gathering Steam

167 years ago, in 1850, my 2nd gr-grandparents and their toddler children came across Nevada in a wagon train. They passed by present day Winnemucca and turned southwest crossing the dreaded 40 mile desert, found the Carson River and followed it to Eagle Valley, where Carson City is today. They passed by Genoa which was just starting up as Nevada’s first settlement with a trading post and turned west to head up the West Fork of the Carson River to California. Along the way, near Winnemucca, my 2nd gr-grandfather was killed in a skirmish with the natives. He lies out there today.

Whether you have a story like mine or if you are like me and just enjoy the knowledge that we can jump in our SUV, bike, ATV, horse or boots and explore and recreate on endless mountains, valleys and playas, you appreciate Nevada’s Public Lands as one of the benefits to being an American.

This is why I take an owner’s interest in our Public Lands. I have noticed that our military is taking an additional 600,000 acres permanently near Fallon in addition to the huge Nellis complex near Las Vegas.  Our Representative in Congress, Mr. Amodei, is proposing to give our native tribes additional thousands of acres, which they can develop as they see fit. If I were them, I would industrialize it.

In addition to this, the new Congress passed a rule this week (Jan 3, 2017) that essentially designates federal land worthless and thus removing the financial cost of giving it away to corporations, cronies and elites for their own use. This is the first step in giving away our national heritage for the benefit of a few.

Of course, they will say that Americans in the West are demanding greater local control of their public lands. They want the land given to the states. Well, what happens is, the states find they can’t afford to maintain the lands and the feds did and also see the lands as a ATM machine. So they start selling off state lands to private interests as they have been doing in Idaho and Montana. So it just takes awhile for the private land grabbers to get what they want.

Whether you are Republican or Liberal, preservationist or recreationist, all Nevadans and Americans have an equal stake in preserving our Public Lands for the Public. In this era of diminishing rights and resources, we should hold this birthright as precious for the inspiration of future Americans.

Please join me in watching this situation and calling and writing Representative Amodei, Senators Cortez-Masto, and Heller, Gov Sandoval and your state Reps and let them know your feelings on the risk of losing our freedom of, well, freedom.



Washoe Valley Citizen Alert

Verizon Wireless Cellular Communications Tower Update – 09/01/14
At the Board of Adjustment meeting on 06/05/14, the Verizon Wireless Application for a Special Use Permit to build a 100 ft. Cellular Communications Tower in North Washoe Valley was denied.
Verizon Wireless has chosen to appeal this decision to the Board of County Commissioners. A formal meeting date has not been set; however, the Planning Department believes that it could be at the end of October. This could change and be sooner.
We will need continued extensive citizen involvement to convince the County Commissioners to deny this application.

Detailed information on this or future applications can be found on the Washoe County Website (www.washoecounty.us). Select DEPARTMENT LIST at the top of the page and then select Planning and Development from the drop down menu. On the left side of the Planning and Development Home Page select Application Submittals. Projects for our area are under District Two.
This notification is being provided by The Washoe Valley Alliance. Please contact us at washoevalleyalliance@gmail.com if you have questions about this notification.

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Local Civics Resources:

  1. Washoe Valley Citizens Advisory Board (CAB) Meet county officials and offer input on county business in Washoe Valley. Meets the 2nd Thursday at 6pm at South Valleys library. Agendas
  2. County Comissioner: Bob Lucey 775-328-2005.
  3.  County Commission Meetings. 2nd, 3rd and 4th Tuesdays at 10am at 1001 E 9th. Meeting Schedule and agendas. Agendas available Wednesday prior to next meeting.
  4. Nevada Senate District 16, Ben Kiekhefer,
  5. Nevada Assembly District 40, Al Kramer, map
  6. Nevada Assembly District 26, Lisa Krasner, map
  7. U.S. Congressional District 2, Mark Amodei: 775-686-5760: email
  8. US Senator Dean Heller: 775-686-5770; email
  9. US Senator Catherine Cortez-Masto email
  10. washoevalleyalliance.org Local organization for coordinating community development concerns.
  11. nextdoor.com Free neighbor to neighbor posts just for Washoe Valley residents. 485 members as of this date.

If you have other local resources that should be listed here, please email the editor.

updated: 5 Jan 2017

Take Action!

Washoe Valley Citizen Alert

Verizon Wireless has filed an Application for a Special Use Permit to build a 100 ft. Cellular Communications Tower in North Washoe Valley. The tower would be located on the ridgeline behind Washoe Valley Storage on property leased to Verizon by Washoe Valley Storage. This tower would be of a lattice design to attempt to look like a very large, skinny windmill. The massive tower would be located in an open area with no terrain features or vegetation to conceal it. This tower far exceeds the size of anything in the surrounding area and would have a huge negative visual impact on residents. It would also contribute to the destruction of the rural character of Washoe Valley. The size and structure of this tower would easily allow other cellular carriers to add antennas in the future, making it even more of an eyesore. This Application was heard by the Citizens Advisory Board (CAB) on 03/13/14. The CAB recommended that an additional public meeting be held, or the project be delayed past the next CAB meeting, so Verizon could get additional citizen input. Verizon has not responded to these recommendations and is proceeding with the project on the original schedule.
Urgent – Help Stop This Project – Time is Short
The Application is scheduled to be heard by the Board of Adjustment on April 3, 2014 at 1:30 p.m. The meeting will be in the County Commission Chambers in Building A of the Washoe County Complex, 1001 E. 9th Street, Reno. Attend if you can. If not, email your comments to our representative or all the members of the Washoe County Board of Adjustment.
District 1 – Philip J. Horan – phoran@washoecounty.us
District 2 – Robert F. Wideman – rwideman@washoecounty.us  (Our Rep)
District 4 – Lee Lawrence – llawrence@washoecounty.us
District 5 – Kim Toulouse, Chair – ktoulouse@washoecounty.us
You may also contact our County Commissioner, David Humke, at dhumke@washoecounty.us. Please note that Commissioner Humke is not a voting member of the Washoe County Board of Adjustment.

Detailed information on this Application can be found on the Washoe County website. Select DEPARTMENT LIST at the top of the page and then select Planning and Development from the drop down menu. On the left side of the Planning and Development Home Page select Application Submittals. The project is listed under District Two (Commissioner David Humke). The Case # and Title are      SB14-002, Verizon Wireless. The assigned Planner is Grace Sannazzaro. She can be contacted at 775-328-3771 or gsannazzaro@washoecounty.us. Please contact her if you have specific questions concerning this application.

This notification is being provided by The Washoe Valley Alliance. Please contact us at washoevalleyalliance@gmail.com if you have questions about this notification.

Community Yard Sale


The community yard sale to benefit the friends of Washoe Valley who have been successfully fighting to keep Washoe Valley rural is tomorrow, Saturday, June 25, 2011. The proceeds will go to paying legal fees an such.
I’m glad to donate some things that just haven’t made it to the thrift store yet and some things I just don’t use anymore.
Take your donations down first thing in the morning and come back later to shop!

The BLM sez:

We are seeking comments on Winters Ranch Management Plan & Environmental Assessment through April 20.

Take a look here.

Check it out, consider the options and give your opinion!

Help Washoe Valley

From a member of the Washoe Valley Working Group:

“As it says in the flyer,  the East Washoe Valley working group & the West Washoe Homeowners Association have hired a private attorney, Tom Hall, to represent Washoe Valley citizens’ interests in  two lawsuits regarding the TMSA application for municipal sewer and water that could, & probably would, lead to high density development in Washoe Valley.  Tom is well versed in water and land issues.  One lawsuit concerns the Weston property, 1 full section above Little Washoe Lake behind the power lines at the top of the hill going east.  The rest is explained in the flyer.  If you donate it would be wise to put “for the WV legal defense fund” at the bottom so you can deduct it on your taxes and would be used only for that fund.  Thank you!”


Washoe Valley Fire Dept Gets Stimulus Money

The Sierra Fire Protection District has just learned that it will receive $2 million dollars of federal stimulus money for a new fire station in the Arrowcreek neighborhood of southwest Reno according to this article in the Sacramento Bee. The SFPD serves a 214 square mile area of the eastern Sierra (Carson Range) which includes West Washoe Valley.

South Valleys Area Plan Update

The South Valleys Area Plan was approved by the
Regional Planning Governing Board
on May 14, 2009

•    Strong vision and mission statements to maintain the rural character
of Washoe Valley
•    One house per five acres for East Washoe Valley including
Ophir Lake Properties (no specific plan for Mr. Weston)
•    One house per ten acres for West Washoe Valley with encouragement for ongoing agricultural land use
•    Defined commercial area boundaries with limited expansion
•    Compatible Allowed Uses for the commercial area
•    Language that shows the support Washoe County and the
Regional Planning Commission for a scenic byway
A fourteen mile Washoe Valley State Scenic Byway has been approved by the Nevada Department of Transportation.
Please check washoevalley.org for updates.
Goal not met:       The South Valleys Area Plan does not keep the TMSA out of Washoe Valley. Mr. Weston has a TMSA request for public water and sewer for his entire 640 acres.  Negotiations are in progress to limit his TMSA access to the north of the hydrographic basin line (currently being surveyed) on the property.  The TMSA request will be heard before the end of this year.
Please check washoevalley.org for updates.
Thank you to Commissioner David Humke; Washoe County Community Development; East and West Washoe Valley CAB members; the Washoe Valley Working Group members; and to the dedication and spirit of the entire Washoe Valley community.
Special thanks to washoevalley.org for keeping us informed.