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Visit The Chocolate Factory

Don’t forget to visit one of the last remaining businesses in Washoe City- The Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory. We took the new freeway home the other day and stopped by for a treat. They have a wide variety of candies and even hand dipped ice cream bars. Valentine’s day is coming up and what could be better than a selection of candies you picked out for that special someone yourself?

Washoe City used to be the largest town in Washoe County and the county seat until the transcontinental railroad was built and it was moved to Reno. Now, the candy factory is one of, if not the only, retail business in the former metropolis.

You can also shop on their website and they will ship to anywhere in the country. The interior photo below only shows about half the store.



Business Profile: Tower Gardens

Want to grow your own produce?
No digging! No weeds! No bending!
Saves on soil and water usage!
Join the Locavore Movement!

“We started growing our Tower Garden produce from “starter plants” to have a “jump start” on the process. We have learned a lot and want to share with you the convenience; simplicity, beauty, affordability and the health benefits of growing your own produce at home, no matter the season!” (“Roc’o” & Sheryl Kennedy)

Sheryl Kennedy (775) 815-6451
Web: www.SherylKennedy.towergarden.com

Have You Tried The New Freeway?

Took the new 580 the other day from North to South. Pretty cool although we will never use it unless we have to drive straight from one city to the other which is extremely rare. We live in New Washoe City on the east side of the lake and there is no off-ramp for us. Driving the old highway is now stress-free with very little traffic. The north-bound stoplight at Mt. Rose highway I’m sure the folks in Pleasant Valley are really loving it now that they aren’t taking their lives in their hands every time they want to enter or exit the highway.
It’s going to be tough on the businesses that depend on drive-by customers and Washoe City will continue to shed these shops.
As for the drive itself, the views are cool although the shoulder barriers are high and you really can’t see anything dramatic from the big bridge.

Local Gardener Offers Help

I am a local gardener offering skilled gardening services and light
landscaping to the Washoe Valley and greater Washoe County area. No
job is too small!

If you need help putting in a vegetable garden or sprucing up your
landscape with an edible or natural landscape or flower garden, I
offer quality work at reasonable rates. I also specialize in
Xeriscapes (low-water, low-maintenance plantings) and small features
such as water fountains, benches, walkways. Rototilling and yard
clean-up also available. I like to see smiles on my customer’s faces!

Shanti Stearns
GOOD SEED Garden and Landscape
“A good seed is a good deed.”

Update On Dining At The Postal Cafe

Postal Cafes’ new chef, Chef Johnny is currently developing an exciting new breakfast & lunch menu. Chef Johnny is also creating a dinner menu featuring smoked meats, fish & vegetarian items with house-made sauces including his balsamic bbq & sweet chili bbq sauce. We are currently serving dinner on Saturday evenings from 6pm – 9pm with plans on adding more evenings. We are now serving beer & wine and it is also available for take-out. For reservations or questions call 849-2722 we look forward to seeing you. Thank you, Rick, Luanne & Staff

A great Time At The Postal Cafe

There was a great turnout at Postal Cafe’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration Sat. night!  Seven tables were all filled.  Some people came, saw there was no more room, so left. The Meridian group of two entertained us for more than an hour with delightful Irish songs.  The woman played a fiddle and the man a guitar and sung while playing.  As usual, there were many interesting people there, most of which my husband Ed & I did not know, which surprised us.  We enjoyed most talking with a local.  He came in and sat at a table all by himself.  I went over to him and asked if he would like to join us.  He did. He watches and observes all kinds of animals and relates comfortably with them, even skunks without being sprayed.  His talent is thinking on the animal’s level.  He says “Horses are hunted and we’re the predators”.  He watches the horse’s eyes to see what he’s thinking.
We both enjoyed his company, finding him to be a very interesting man.  Oh, by the way the corned beef and cabbage was excellent, very lean and well flavored!  It was a delightful evening.- Ann York.

Super Bowl Party

The New Washoe Bar, formerly Scotty’s Bar, located at 3155 Eastlake Blvd, will host a Super Bowl Party on Sunday, February 1st. There will be live pregame entertainment. Sign up at the bar to bring a pot-luck style side dish to accompany the Brat’s and Dogs supplied by the bar. There will be drink specials. The new owners, locals LaVeta and Cher, encourage all to come and enjoy the rejuvenated bar. 849-1331.

Mt. Family RV Closes

Mt. Family RV, in Pleasant Valley to the north, announced that they have closed their doors. This is one of the closest effects of the downturn in the economy to Washoe Valley. We met the owners a couple of years ago at a Reno RV show and even though we talked to them for less than 10 minutes we came away with the feeling that this was a local business owned by a local family who were our neighbors. While it is great that now you can have that motorhome for 50% off, it comes at the expense of local families that sold those items. We wish the family the best of luck in the future.