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Development: Asleep On Watch Again

Isn’t someone keeping track of the threat of development here in Washoe Valley? You would think that after all the fuss made during the housing bubble of expansion of tract-home style developments with city water and sewer services, we would be better at keeping an eye out for these things.

Apparently, way back in May the West Washoe Valley landowner decided to hedge his bet on the public buy of his pasture land and submitted a housing development plan to the county which they approved. this is 303 acres across from Bowers Mansion. this is reportedly the last major parcel of the historic Winters Ranch property to be acquired by the public. Several other large parcels have been acquired by the BLM over the past several years. Our historic agricultural, rural open space is one of the aspects of Washoe Valley that makes it such an asset and special place for all Nevadans.

The original local tv station KRNV-4 article is here but last night,  KRNV 4 had avideo update in their local news section that said the owner is holding off on any more development plans till January, 2014 (5 months) to give the feds time to come up with the money. Typically, they do this by selling land close to Las Vegas for development as the land in Vegas has a more urban or suburban character. KOLO-TV had this from the BLM: A spokesperson for the BLM said thanks to land sales in southern Nevada, there is enough funding to purchase the land in Washoe Valley.

Details and a map are available on the Washoe County Website here.

We should all write and call our Congressional delegation often until January to encourage them to fight for this major part of our valley’s character and beautiful open space.

I am researching the subject and hopefully will have a sample letter posted soon.

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