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No Biomass Site This Year

We received this info on the biomass brush disposal site at the fire station on Eastlake Blvd:

The biomass site on Eastlake Blvd will not be reopened in 2013. I know many homeowners were probably looking forward to the biomass site opening again this fire season. It’s a loss to our area as I saw a lot of brush, dead trees, etc. removed by home owners over the past two years.

There are multiple reasons for the closure with the primary reason being commercial landscapers  using the sites to dump their brush, etc. This in turn caused the piles to exceed by over 50% of the estimated usage. This caused costs exceeding the planned budgets and caused complaints from some people about its large size and even some air quality complaints about the mulching process. Those complaints about air quality must have come from the designated mulching site as the brush was not mulched on site like the prior year and was transported from Washoe Valley.

I also heard that the project is subject to whatever grant money is available every year. It’s been a great benefit to the community in the areas of yard maintenance and defensible space.


  1. Christina says:

    This is such a shame. That area was so helpful to us last year. It seems like there is always someone who abuses their privileges.

    Another question is…will we be able to control burn this spring?

  2. Rita says:

    So sorry to learn that this resource is gone now. The community is worse off without this, because the commercial dumps are pretty far away and expensive. The Carson City dump charges Washoe Valley residents, even though we technically are in their community!

    What would it take to bring it back? How about if people have to check in at the fire station before they can dump, just to make sure they are residents of the area?

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