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San Antonio Ranch on Youtube

Mark Elsman, descendant of the Elsman family that owned the San Antonio Ranch in the south end of west Washoe Valley between 1927 and 1939 has posted a 10 minute compilation of home movies on Youtube. It starts out with a great scene of a wrangler astride a bucking horse under the great Ponderosa Pines with Washoe Valley in the background. The ranch house is magnificent and it is fun to see the Elsmans motor off in their Packard convertible coupe. This is a neat period in Washoe Valley where several of the wealthy who came to Reno for a quickie divorce (“the cure”), found they liked Washoe Valley and bought homes here. Much of this time is documented in William McGee’s memoir “The Divorce Seekers” that recalls his time as a dude ranch wrangler in Washoe Valley and it is a fun read. Mark has been kind enough to share his family’s history with us and it is a great addition to the documentation of Washoe Valley history. Check back to see more!

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