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Save This Site!

Due to protests on the internet, the Corporate Media Machine has finally had to report on SOPA and PIPA, the bills in Congress that hand control of the internet over to corporations. These corporate media empires, movies tv, and print, are losing the information control battle and their new strategy is “if you can’t beat the internet, own it”. This is bipartisan. Some Dems and Reps in Congress are bought and paid for by the corporations and other Dems and Reps are still fighting for us, the individuals. Let them know that all of us, Dems and Reps and independents want a free internet and exchange of information.
The bills in Congress require each web site to investigate every link they put up and every link in every comment or submitted post for any copyright infringement. A corporation will be able to have a site shut down and removed just on the suspicion of infringement and it will be up to the site owner to prove they are not guilty in court while their source of revenue is shut down. Free, nonprofit sites like this one will cease to exist. Only the wealthy corporations will survive and the internet will become nothing more than an online shopping mall.
Due you value the internet? Tell your congressman “Hands Off!”.

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