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What Did They Put In That Time Capsule?

A couple of posts down we talked about the 100 year anniversary of Washoe City in 1961 and the bronze plaque and monument that was installed at that time. The local dignitaries also place a time capsule inside the monument to let future civilizations know what we were all about between 1861 and 1961.
Among the items are a Proclamation by then governor, Grant Sawyer; a copy of the original Territorial Statutes, setting up the local government; a townsite map of Washoe City and a program from the 50th anniversary celebration in 1911.
Literature of the period is represented by an 1861 copy of the “Eastern Slope”, Washoe City’s newspaper; A copy of “Orson Hyde’s Curse on Washoe Valley” (that we should do an article on), Sandy Bower’s after dinner speech of 1861 (likewise); and an 1862 history of Washoe County.
People and industry were included in the business and social directory and list of officials in 1862 and 1961. Also included here is something called a “Nevada Silver Centennial Official Cachet”.
Finally 18 photos are entombed depicting local dignitaries from both era’s, their homes, Native Americans, and the V&T Railroad among others.
Not quite a treasure chest but a collection of documents memorializing “the citizens of Washoe County, both living and dead, who have witnessed the progress of these years”.
It’s too bad nobody noticed the 150 year anniversary and stirred us all from our teevee induced slumber to have another civic party but I’ll put a note on the fridge for the 200th!


  1. Susie says:

    Love the articles on Washoe Valley! Why not a 151 year anniversary? :o)

  2. Don Tucker says:

    Too bad we missed our own Birthday. I will be with you for the 200th. Might be too early to start planning now.

  3. admin says:

    Thanks for the encouragement! Yes, why not a 151st anniversary? We’ll celebrate it all year at washoevalley.org!

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