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Thoughts on Dogs

from a reader:

We are all so fortunate to live in such a scenic area.  Many of us take a daily early morning walks.  I enjoy seeing many of my Neighbor’s out walking their dogs, but I don’t enjoy seeing all the dog poop left on the edge of the road and occassionally on the road.  Also for you folks with aggressive dogs, please keep them on a leash.
One last request.  Folks please keep your dogs fenced on your property.  Dogs should never be allowed to freely wander the neighborhood.   It’s not just an annoyance for your neighbor’s, but it is dangerous for your dog.
Your Neighbor


  1. Sleepless in WV says:

    I agree and while we’re talking about dogs how about all the barking dogs at night. If you are a dog owner please listen to see if your dog is one of the offenders. I don’t mind the occasional bark but I have heard barking that goes on all night long.

  2. Dog Owner says:

    I stopped walking my dog on a leash after I was attacked by a dog who was not able to be controlled by the pre-teen holding her leash.

    An ER visit and stitches were required. I held my dog over my head during the attack.

    I thought it might have been an anomoly — but when I tried to walk the dog again — a huge black dog was loose and approached us in a threatening manner.

    Again, I picked up my dog and headed home.

    I walk with “poop” bags and pick up my dogs droppings.

    My dogs are in a fenced yard or on a leash — always.

    I wish other valley residents did the same.

  3. kw says:

    This should be a no brainer but most animal owners out here really don’t care.
    I find it very odd that I know all of my neighbors dogs names, but I don’t know any of my neighbors names. I have not even met them.
    The truth of the matter is I know the dogs names because the owners/neighbors let their dogs roam, and then yell at the top of their lungs for their dogs to come home.
    The peaceful valley I used to know is no longer…..

  4. Cindy Gilliland says:

    This morning while walking down Brenda there were two loose dogs… One looked to be a Pit-bull-Boxer mix and the other was a little white dog. They both came charging at me barking and growling. I backed up into the closest yard and they eventually wondered away.

    I know accidents happen and dogs can get loose. But this really scared me. I was sure I was going to get chewed up by those two. I bought pepper spray today and I will have it with me on my walks from now on.

  5. admin says:

    It has been my experience that when approached by an aggressive dog the best thing is to stop, stay calm and speak quietly to the dog and let them inspect you (and your dog). If you exhibit anxiety, your dog and the other dog will sense danger and may attack. Another tactic that has worked for me is to “be the boss”. Face the approaching dog and yell “go home”, loudly and angrily. The charging dogs I have done this to look shocked, then trot home. All dogs do what they do from fear but some are real cowards and will try to nip you if you turn your back. Face them all the time. Of course, every situation is different and your experience may differ. Just like people, there is that 1 in 100 that is just plain crazy.

  6. tw says:

    Interesting reading………….I have to agree that dog’s should be fenced in. Our first priority before anything else was to fence off our 1 plus acres for our dog. I think that personal responsibility or the lack of it, are the issue here.

    I hate seeing dogs out on the road, it doesn’t make me angry, I do not care too much about the pooh, it is the actual dog I worry about.

    If you have ever seen a dog get hit by a car, you’ll understand my reasoning. If you can’t be responsible, don’t get or have a dog. It isn’t something to “add” to the list when you become an adult, it is a conscious choice that takes a lot of love, energy, and time if done the right way………..the only way……

  7. cb says:

    I too wish people would keep their dogs fenced. I have seen the same dogs repeatedly running loose. One very small dog in particular, often ends up in my yard. I know where it lives and have returned it more than once. But why can’t people take a few minutes and spend a few dollars for small fenced area to keep their pets safe? I’d hate to see this nice little dog squished in the road.

    As for potentially aggressive dogs, I’ve found that pretending I have a rock to throw at them will send many of them heading in the other direction.

  8. Isodayicody says:

    Interesting and educational, but would make something more on this topic?

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