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SVAP: Panel orders another revision

The SVAP meeting last week went well for residents as the county commissioners chose to scale back the “Weston/Lowden” development proposal in this article in the RGJ.com. According to the article, about 100 valley residents made a presence that once again impressed the commissioners.

The commissioners have given the planners 40 days to change the development plan from 334 homes on 636 acres to 15 to 176 homes. Look for another SVAP meeting to attend then.


  1. kw says:

    I think this development should be allowed to build. Why not?

    This east side of Washoe Valley development which began in the 60’s has done nothing but decay over the years. Sadly the quality of homes and life in this valley has done nothing but get worse thanks to all you NIMBYS who have shown up over the last 20 years.
    Hopefully this new development will attract home owners who really appreciate and care about their property values and maybe it will rub off on some of the home owners out here who’s properties leave a lot to be desired.

    I find it rather amusing that many NIMBY’s are trying to “protect” this side of the valley from development. Are they really serious?
    Washoe county is allowing folks to build “anything” out here including Garages, that are really just second “homes” or warehouses…on their one acre plus lots.. The county even when notified will not enforce their own building permit guidlines. Lets not forget the many people living in those “garages/ homes”, RV’s and travel trailers.

    Get real, the quality of life in this valley has already been ruined by many of you property owners who think you can “build whatever the county will allow” without even considering the impact on you and your neighbors property values.

    Let them build, I say….Many of you were allowed to build your “trashy” carp out here for years and contiue to build your garbage so Why NOT.

  2. Cindy Gilliland says:

    I’m a Native Nevadan. I have been a Washoe Valley resident for 5 years now. On the East side we have a wide range of housing. On one lot we have a mobile home, then a few lot’s over there’s a mansion. We are all just people trying to live the American Dream!

    I think we all know that development is inevitable. I personally would rather see nice Ranches than another tract of Lewis Homes.

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