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Welcome To The New washoevalley.org!

We’ve been thinking about this for months and are finally ready to pull it off, I think. We are changing over to the “blog” format to get on board with the latest technology and make several, much needed, improvements.

The main reason is that now we can review, compile and update the site from any computer anywhere in the world which will make doing so more fun and timely.  I can cut my reliance on the pokey old PC and web software down in the “dungeon”.

There will be a transition period as we learn the new system, integrate the old site and discover, test and implement new features. One cool new feature is a front page events calendar.

Searching for articles and keywords (tags) will also allow you to find previously published information more easily. If you are savvy, you can sign up for an RSS feed to send you the headlines as they are published. Readers will also be able to post comments that will be automatically published with each article.

Please take the time to check it out and send in your suggestions and comments.



  1. Don Tucker says:

    Hi Rick,

    I really like the look of the new improved site. Easy to read and lots of features.

    Thanks for all you do!


  2. Trish says:

    Fantastic! What a great service you provide–two thumbs up!

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