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Washoe Valley Wind Controversy

KOLO8 had this on their site:
“”I’ve seen a lot of accidents those big trucks just go right over,” a Washoe Valley resident said.

The Nevada Department of Transportation held a meeting Monday to get input on where truck traffic should be diverted once the highway is moved from the valley to the hillside.

Currently, wind forces trucks to be diverted from the highway through the valley, but alternate valley routes aren’t without problems.

“It’s a solid stream of traffic and you can’t get out of your driveway and you can’t get off of the side streets.”

NDOT is considering once most traffic is moved to the hillside, whether trucks could stay on the main route through the Washoe Valley instead of being detoured.

But some at the meeting said when the wind is severe, high-profile vehicles shouldn’t be allowed on any roads.

“You’ve got to make it clear to the truckers they’re not using the freeways and not using the roads when there’s a major wind going on,” a resident said.

But Wendy Mickle, who works for a bus company, said the journey through the valley can be made safely.

“Our drivers are all mountain trained… a lot of them live in the area.”

The highway will be moved in a year to the hillside.”

My question is: what “hillside” and how is traffic going to be diverted there?

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