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Invasive Weed Question

Dear Rick:  I wrote you previously with a question about weeds, and you were very helpful.

Now I have another question:  The weeds in Washoe Valley that are said to be “invasive” —  why are they bad?  What is harmful about them?  I refer primarily to the 5 or 6 posted on the sign at the north end of Eastlake Blvd, near 395.

BTW, I did forward my first question (in May or so) to the Coop. Extension at UNR.  I never received a reply from them at all.

Any info or explanation you can provide (or forward my question to some “expert”?), I would appreciate.

Hi, Dear Reader,

I’m sorry you received no help from the UNRCE. It is too bad they say they want our help butthen ignore us! As far as invasive weeds go, I went to the website of the Washoe/Pleasant Valley Cooperative Weed Management Area (the folks who I think put up the sign) and couldn’t find a definition. Their site needs some work. But try their email link anyway.

I think, in my limited knowledge, that invasive or noxious weeds are those that are not native to our area and push out theweed-skeleton native and more beneficial plants and “weeds”.

I think the “authorities” are mostly concerned with a set list of weeds that they are battling in large areas such as parks,  pastures, roadsides and waterways. We here at washoevally.org have expanded that with our information about “obnoxious” weeds that appear in our yards at home.

If you have specific weed you are curious about, send us a photo and we’ll try to learn more about it and add it to our list!

weed shown: Spiny Skeleton Weed. Ouch! But easy to root out.

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