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Incline Lake Drained – Editorial

We drove by Incline Lake the other day and noticed it was drained. It has since been mentioned in the media. Recently, theincline-lake feds spent $46 million for a property with the major feature, and presumably the majority of the value, of an alpine lake. Now, after paying a premium for a lake, the feds say their is a danger of the 1946 dam failing. Huh? Couldn’t this be determined before we bought the lake?

Maybe we could have gotten a deal by saving the owner of the liability.

Anyway, we need to figure out a way to save our investment. Right here above Washoe Valley we have an answer, I think. Recently a homeowner in the northwest side of the valley allegedly modified Joy Lake, another old reservoir, without approved engineering or permits according to news reports. After the work was completed, the state engineer awarded him with a letter saying essentially that all standards had been met and the lake would “be safe for years to come”.

Let’s send this dam genius up to Incline Lake, let him work his magic on his homeowner’s budget and get a similar stamp of approval from the Nevada State Engineer.

One party sold us a lake that doesn’t exist and another took it upon himself to make a lake bigger and safe. We need to convince these dam people who know how to work the system to work for us too!

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