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East WV CAB Followup

Sarah Tone, County Outreach Coordinator for the Citizen’s Advisory Board (CAB) process, sent these clarifications on march’s CAB meeting:

Regarding the South Valley ’s Area Plan, Washoe County is filing a letter of objection with the Regional Planning Commission (RPC). The letter will outline the reasons for conformance to the regional plan. The RPC approved the finding of conformance by a 5-4 vote; however, the action requires a 2/3 majority. Thus it was a technical denial. It is arguable that the reasons given for the denial was based on information not related or included in the South Valley ’s Area Plan and also not technically sound.  If the item is not approved at the RPC, staff will appeal the decision to the Regional Planning Governing Board. We understand that this is frustrating for all who have spent countless hours working on this plan. We will continue to keep you up to date on important meetings and events.

§         There is no cap on the total number of septic systems in Washoe Valley .

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