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March EWV CAB Meeting Report

Neither the Washoe County Sheriff’s Dpt. nor the Reno Fire Dpt. were there, so no report.
Suzie Rogers, the Public Safety Officer reported her dpt. is the office you get when you call 911.  If it’s a fire or safety issue, they transfer the call to the South Dispatch Office, 832-4110. She informed us that if they receive either a 1 or a 9 call with a delay after, it defaults to 911. They must respond to all those calls thinking it could be an emergency.  Unfortunately sometimes an elder or young person tries to call and hangs up and starts over, which causes problems.
NVEnergy personnel was supposed to be present to address power outage concerns.  Unfortunately they were not, so that’s continued until next month.  Patty who lives at the end of the line on Ormsby Lane in the Lyon area expressed concerns about an annoying external noise source, a rather loud humming which goes off & on.  She says it’s getting louder and more unpleasant and really bothers her & her dog.  Patty has contacted them twice.
Someone asked about the status of the Lowden property on Eastlake.  Sarah Tone said if they sell one lot or more, owners would have to submit a tentative subdivision map, which has not been done yet.  That would have to go through the CAB.  The map on the signs is not official.
Dave Harrison reported on the Scenic By-ways Committee, saying it is tentatively approved, but probably will not be finalized for a year or two.
NDOW was not present, but informed Dave Harrison, who reported they were going to do a burn in Scripps this month , but could not get the dozers in time.  The goal was to burn out the invasive weeds, mostly whitetop, which had gotten out of control.  It may be done in April.
Sarah Tone, Outreach coordinator for Washoe County, informed about the budget, saying if had to be cut 47 million, 6% of the cuts in safety, and 36 -40% in libraries, museums, art, etc.  There will be a meeting at the end of April, ways to reduce CAB costs.  This will go into effect July 1st.  They now have a new email set-up for the public with worksheets and comment forms.  Sarah said don’t respond to this email.
The South Valleys Area Plan, Dave Harrison, the chair, reported it could go back to the Regional Governing Board again at the county’s request.  Ann York said she was there, and it was voted down 6, who favored, and 5 against.  It took 2/3 majority to pass, so it didn’t pass.  The main reason was because of the wells & septics, some feeling it would not be good for the general public or general planning since some wells are going dry and some others have nitrates.
Ann York said her & Valerie Wiliams have served their 6 year terms on the CAB, so in June there will be 2 vacancies in the CAB.  She stated that this valley needs all the help it can get.
Meeting ended.
Submited by Ann York, CAB member

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