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A great Time At The Postal Cafe

There was a great turnout at Postal Cafe’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration Sat. night!  Seven tables were all filled.  Some people came, saw there was no more room, so left. The Meridian group of two entertained us for more than an hour with delightful Irish songs.  The woman played a fiddle and the man a guitar and sung while playing.  As usual, there were many interesting people there, most of which my husband Ed & I did not know, which surprised us.  We enjoyed most talking with a local.  He came in and sat at a table all by himself.  I went over to him and asked if he would like to join us.  He did. He watches and observes all kinds of animals and relates comfortably with them, even skunks without being sprayed.  His talent is thinking on the animal’s level.  He says “Horses are hunted and we’re the predators”.  He watches the horse’s eyes to see what he’s thinking.
We both enjoyed his company, finding him to be a very interesting man.  Oh, by the way the corned beef and cabbage was excellent, very lean and well flavored!  It was a delightful evening.- Ann York.

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