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Where Is Jumbo Falls?

A reader writes in: “A friend asked if I could find out exactly where Jumbo Falls is located.  He and his wife try to find it in spring and they were hoping to be successful this spring.
Please let me know if you have the location.”

Jumbo FallsThere it is! Actually, it is northeast of New Washoe City and is found by taking a road north from the Jumbo Ghosttown townsite. We found it a couple of years ago and it is really just a cascade when the spring runoff occurs.Jumbo Falls The photo shows the little canyon it is in. Go to Google Maps and click on the “terrain” feature to see the view to the left and then click on “map” to see the roads that go close to it.

GPS: Lat 39 degrees 19.81 N; Long 119 degrees 41.543 W

If you take the route we took, you will also go by Washoe Valley’s own version of the Devils Postpile Nat. Monument.

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  1. You’d expect Jumbo Falls to be a little more…jumbo.

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