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An Idea For Artists and Equestrians Update

I’ve had a pretty good response to my post suggesting forming a group to bring western artists and period models together locally. There are two groups around and it might be a fun thing to get them together. One is western artists and photographers who need models and the other are those who love our western heritage and enjoy “dressing the part”.

I envision a loosely organized group with no dues or model fees. I suppose some sort of models release should be provided to prevent your image from being used in a million dollar car ad or something. Any ideas?

I put together a simple website for the group at http://wnahrc.wordpress.com/ where you can sign up by leaving a comment or just write the editor here at washoevalley.org. I’ll keep you posted by email and the site on the progress.

All the details have to be worked out so if you have any suggestions, ideas or comments or want to be a part of it, write in.


  1. Carol says:

    Since this seems like a great opportunity for local photographers, I forwarded the link and some information to the Reno Photo Club.

  2. Tim Torell says:

    Thanks for thinking of the Reno Photo Club. I can’t speek for everyone but I would be interested in a weekend day of western nodel and horse related photography. It would be best to know the dates of your activities a couple weeks in advance.
    Best regards, Tim Torell

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