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Washoe Valley In The News

  • RGJ: The BLM will host an “Open House” public meeting today to let the public discuss the proposal to place 69 wind turbines up to 330′ tall on the ridges of the Virginia Range east of Washoe Valley. (Government agencies seem to be moving more towards open house type meeting to get away from the old question/answer/statement type format and minimize the input of individuals.-ed)
  • RGJ: The fate and effects of wild horses in the Virginia Range are discussed.
  • RGJ: County approves SVAP
  • National Wind Watch: BLM to hold open house on Virginia Range windmill farm.

editors note: sorry I didn’t see the notice about the wind farm meeting- if you see these things, please write in and let us know!


  1. wind farms are great but they also take up a large land area~~’

  2. wind farms are eco friendly and can generate massive amounts of electricity;,”

  3. Wrench Set  says:

    wind farms in germany are great! i hope that we could install those in every country’`:

  4. our hometown already have wind farms and it is great to know that we have a reneawable electricity source'”;

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