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SVAP Passes – In A Good Way!

County Commissioners tonight finally passed the South Valleys Area Plan- the guide for development in Washoe Valley for the coming years. Members of the East and West CAB’s, the “Washoe Valley Working Group” and others worked for years with the county planning commission to craft a plan that will retain the historic, environmental, scenic and rural character of our unique valley.

The insatiable Reno/Sparks sprawl has been halted at the entrance of the valley and we can continue to enjoy the quality of life that has been lost in other areas of the county and region. Recently a billboard in Reno bragged “The New Meaning of Ranch” over a photo of a sea of rooftops in Double Diamond Ranch. Thankfully, “ranch” in Washoe Valley will still mean horses, livestock, pastures and room to roam.

We will be posting more details on the plan as passed in the near future.

Some comments emailed to the editor:

“Tonight the Board of County Commissioners approved the South Valleys Area Plan including the Washoe Valley section with no more than the maximum allowed density for the Weston property.  The Board approved Option C, MDR ( 1 unit per 5 acres).  This rural land use designation does NOT require Washoe County services, TMSA.  It does NOT threaten our rural way-of-life.  Development Constraints & other important considerations will limit the number of units to the appropriate number.

MANY, MANY THANKS to all who attended, e-mailed, wrote, phoned and in other ways supported our wonderful Washoe Valley and our rural lifestyle.  The four long years the Washoe Valley Working Group and others have spent developing an acceptable plan for our Valley have not been wasted.  It could not have happened without your input and support.

My appreciation and heartfelt thanks to every one of you.

Carol Christensen
Washoe Valley Working Group


“Hi Rick!
I’m happily informing the whole Washoe Valley that the South Valley’s Area Plan has passed tonight at the Board of County Commissioners meeting with Option C (112 potential lots, 90 likely lots considering slope & roads) being adopted instead of Option A as Weston wanted (176 potential lots, 141 likely lots).  Option A required TMSA (Truckee Meadows Services Area) on the Pleasant Valley side.  Option C is only septic & wells, 1 house per 5 acres throughout his property, and NO TMSA!  Our Valley is saved from our rural character being destroyed!  No options for denser developments!  The East & West Washoe Valleys and working groups are SO HAPPY!
When you see Bill & Marilyn Naylor, Carol Christensen, Monica Frank,
bob Rusk, or Susan Juetten, please thank them from the bottoms of your hearts.  They were the main individuals crafting & perfecting this plan.  Others who worked hard on it also to thank are Dave Harrison, Gary Houk, Tom Callicrate, and Jane Countryman.
Thank you Commissioner Humke for proposing the SVAP with Option C!  Washoe Valley citizens, the Washoe Working groups, and CAB’s all thank you SO MUCH for standing behind the valley & supporting us!
Thank you all Washoe Valley residents for coming to the meeting!  You made a great impact on the Commissioners!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you
Respectfully submitted,
Ann York, East Washoe Valley CAB member”


  1. Don Tucker says:

    Really great job everyone involved.
    We will be thinking of you and thanking you for years to come.

    Preserve Washoe City Cemetery

  2. Trish says:

    To all who had a hand in keeping the valley rural–a heartfelt THANK YOU! Please consider yourselves heroes–you are to me!

  3. Cindy G. says:

    Thank you all who contributed to the protect our way of life in Washoe Valley! Well done!

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