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Residents Urged To Attend SVAP Meeting

Jeff over at MtRoseScenicCorridor.com has been doing a great job getting the word out on current development events just over the hill to the north along the Mt Rose Highway. Topics include the “Forest Area PLan”, sprawl, an unpermitted dam that could endanger Washoe Valley, and developers who are delinquent on their taxes among other concerns. Those interested in the fate of Washoe Valley would do well to follow the concerns of our neighbors to the north as many issues we have are common to other areas of the county.

Jeff communicates via an email newsletter and to get on the list, email him at savemtrose@earthlink.net.

Our East Washoe Valley CAB chair sent the following information to Jeff regarding the South Valleys Area Plan (SVAP) status which we will reprint here:

BCC sent the SVAP back to staff to be re-drafted to meet certain conditions;
To meet with the SVAP working group and to work out an option for Weston that was between 15 and 176 units.
To state that there would be no TMSA moved into Washoe Valley
To make a statement that explained the RGB’s emphasis on northward growth and not southward
The planning staff came back with several options including the W/Gs (Washoe Valley Working Group) preference for an MDR zoning which is in keeping with the Rural Development Areas (Washoe Valley) guidlines.
The Planning Commission after hearing the options (and the viewpoints of Adrian Fruend)
chose the option with the most density, no buffer to prevent the incursion of the TMSA (we had hoped at least to make sure that no parcel extended into the Washoe Valley hydrographic basin with the intent of defeating the contiguity necessary to add more TMSA)
This option is actually somewhat vague as to what number of units can actually be accomplished but generally opts for 176 and would require TMSA.
Staff made no reference to the other two items except that Director Fruend emphasised that in his opinion the TMSA would be coming to Washoe Valley anyway and that it would not be a bad thing (ignoring the fact that it would then open the doors for further development)
After the ruling Chairman Weber gave a long condemnation of the W/G and the Washoe Valley residents for continuing to challenge the process and their rulings.
It is my understanding that though in it’s previous form the BCC (Board of County Commissioners) could not alter the PC’s (Planning Commission’s) recommentations, in it’s current form they can chose to alter the staff and PC’s recommendations regarding density should they desire.
Therefore it is important that all concerned citizens express their views, by whatever means possible ie: letters, emails, speaking at the BCC meeting on the 9th or just showing up there.
I’d be happy to answer whatever further questions you may have.
Thank you very much
Dave Harrison

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