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Update: Gourley Dam at Joy Lake

The unpermitted dam built to deepen Joy Lake in the Northwest Valley above Washoe City that we reported on below was scheduled as an item in the December 4, 2008 Board of Adjustment Meeting. The board was going to consider “legalizing” the work that has been done without permits.

Gourley item continued to February, 2009

At the agenda site, I just looked at the agenda and there is a note next to the Gourley item saying that it is continued until the February 5th, 2009 meeting. Maybe they want to see if the dam holds through the January rain, thaw and melt event we get every few years and if it holds, they’ll approve it. It will be interesting to see how easy it is to get approval “after the fact”. After all, it’s easier to ask forgiveness, than permission with added bonus of you get to do it your way.

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