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Wind Generation Workshop

A correspondent went to the county’s wind power workshop and this is her take on the meeting:

I attended that workshop to specifically ask:
1-  Previously in the past about 5 years ago we were told Wind machines were not very efficient in our high wind area.  When the wind is too strong, the power source drops dramatically.
2-  Would wind or solar structures be more effective in Washoe Valley?
I received a political answer.  Your specific wind has to be measured on your property to find out which is better, or if wind machines are effective here.  I also heard strong winds can damage or blow away the working parts of a windmill, which is not covered after 3-5 years, however long your warantee is.
You can receive a rebate for the machine, but the installer has to be on an “approved list” of installers, or you don’t receive one.  The county has guidelines one must follow. Go to NRS>278.580 & Washoe County Development Code 326 to see about guidelines.
They all said you have to do your homework to see what’s right for you & your property.
Good website to go to are:  windgenerations.com, solargenerations.com.

It has been my observation living in east Washoe Valley that we have severe wind for a day and then dead calm for the next two weeks as a pretty consistent pattern. We have a reputation for wind here but there are places where it is breezy most every day. Maybe solar is better for our area-ed.


  1. Larry Burton says:

    First, you are correct that wind in our area is very difficult to predict and although it first appears we have wind all the time, we often get those high, gusty winds which are not great for energy production. Solar is more preditable as we receive something over 300 days of sunshine a year. However, solar is much more expensive with a return on investment of over 15 years even with the rebate and Federal Investment Tax Credit. But as the cost of electricity continues to rise, the return comes down.

    Lastly, any licensed Nevada Electrical Contractor with a C-2 license may participate in the program. A list of contractors who claim to have completed wind projects with be posted soon on the WindGenerations web page. But this is not an endorsement, it is just a starting point and you should investigate a contractors claims before signing a contract.

  2. bill humphrey says:

    December 12, 2008

    Is the wind generation program for Clark County residents? If it’s not, why is the brochure included in the billing? The telephone lines for NV Energy are never answered. The locations for billing are inconvenient. The transition to NV Energy and the public relations at the Sahara big and spacious white building is deplorable. The parking lot was full and there was not one human being who could talk to me regarding our account. This transition and lack of communication to the consumer has the brightest and best of customers wasting valuable time. Who takes care of the senior citizen who has no internet access. I wasted my whole day today trying to straighten out double billings on two properties we have in Clark county. I expect a straight answer and a person to talk to. This needs to be resolved immediately. The Nevada Cool Share Program did not help us with our power bill at all. We were uncomfortable and still have not received a promised rebate. Thank you for looking seriously at a problem you have. Is there a monopoly in this area. Where is the competiton?

    Sharla Humphrey

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