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November East WV CAB Meeting Notes

We have a new Sheriff’s Dpt. captain for the Washoe Valley area, Steven Kelly. He covers everything south of I-80.
Ginger Pierce, chair of Galena-Steamboat CAB, informed us about the enlarged Joy Lake caused by a large earthen dam built without any permits. The owner is Gourley. The county has not been able to enter the property since Feb., so was unaware of it. Ginger’s concern  was the dirt’s liquefaction into mud, which could happen in an earthquake. Already a substantial amount of earth has been removed. Gourley has a Special Use Permit scheduled to remove 150,000 SF of dirt Dec. 4th. The final step of the SVAP approval is on Dec. 9th (this will presumably be at a planning commission meeting but a check of the county website offers no meeting scedules or agendas past… yesterday. We’ll try to keep you posted-ed.)
Sarah Tone, County Community Laison, addressed Dumping Costs in Carson City.  She has contacted John Berkish who contacted the city manager concerning that issue.  Someone noticed there has been more dumping since WV citizens have to pay more. Dumping costs will be on December’s agenda.
Cheryl Surface from the Parks Dpt. will be on December’s agenda.  Concerns were raised that the non-motorized biking/hiking trail would also attract the ATV’s, which would scare the horses on the equestrian trail.  Fears were the trail would be too close to it.  Currently the horses & riders enjoy the peace & tranquility.  They are afraid this would be distroyed.
It was agreed there will be a happy B & B social from 6:00 PM until 7:00 PM previous to the December 16th CAB meeting.

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