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Option A Approved

The Washoe Valley Working Group, the Planning Commission and Washoe County Commissioners continue to wrangle over the future fate of Washoe Valley and last week another hurdle was cleared. The “Ophir” (Weston) property at the corner of Hwy 395, Eastlake Blvd and Skinner, where a major subdivision has been proposed has been approved in a compromise move. From a correspondent:
Last Wed. night the WC Planning Commission approved Option A for the Ophir (Weston) property, which allows for 176 potential lots (considering slopes & roads, 141 likely lots). There were roughly about 15 people from Washoe Valley including the working group & me. We didn’t think it would have made any difference if a large number of residents attend, otherwise we would have put the word out. A working committee had 3 meetings to discuss options for the property, 2 from the Planning Com., the chair from East & West CAB’s, 2 from each of the East & West working groups, & Lee Weston & his representatives. The results of these meetings & the PC’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) are probably what the PC listened to the most. Again we spoke up for Washoe Valley as we usually do. I think they just listened to us because they had to. The good result of this plan is that the TMSA & denser lots are kept only on the Pleasant Valley side in the Pleasant Valley hydrological basin & not at all in the Washoe Valley Hydrological basin. There is a strip of High Density Rural along the western edge of the Low Density Suburban area and along the hydrographic basin line which is intended to act as a buffer between the one acre & the 5 acre zones (LDS & MDR). I think the intent there is to protect our valley from the TMSA entering it which is what the PC knows is our major concern.

The County Commissioners will meet again on December 9th and will probalby vote to finally approve the final draft of the South Valleys Area Plan. Read more on the history of the process on the SVAP Page found in the left margin, under “Hot Topics” via the “Classic Pages” button on the main page here.

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