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West WV CAB Notes

Nov. 3rd WWV CAB meeting at Fire Protection District at Bowers Mansion
Thor Dyson of NDOT reported on the I-580 saying the Galena Bridge should be completed in mid-December.  Then they would tear down all the supporting structure and move it to the North structure.  At this point he doesn’t think a detour is needed around construction of I-580 to complete it as originally thought.  The whole project should be completed in early 2011.  The colored sprayed stuff along the utility road cut is native hydro-seeding.
Residents are concerned about the 2 lane old 395 the trucks travel on when the freeway  is prohibited by wind or snow.  The traffic goes too fast, and may not be safer because that road gets high winds also, and residents driving between the trucks & freeway are blinded by the headlights on both sides at night.  Residents living along that road fear for their safety also.  Thor said he would look into these issues & will be back at their next meeting.
Ron Bell of the CAB wants the Carson Dump availability for WV residents (although closest and prettiest, they charge wv residents a $25.00 minimum-ed).  That will be on the next agenda.
Administrative Permit #AP08-003  for 4955 Old Highway 395, Jeff Bowen wants to construct a 39 ft. tall 9600 SF covered arena, and expansion into commercial stables offering boarding, maintenance, & training of no more than 20 horses.  The operation will offer daily riding lessons using boarded horses and no more than 3 people per lesson.  Concerns were the size and heighth of the building and the fact that it was commercial.  This was moved to the December’s agenda.
Ginger Pierce of Pleasant Valley stated that regarding the SVAP Weston had agreed to put all the houses on his land in the Pleasant Valley hydrographic basin north of the Washoe Valley basin.  This is to be addressed with the SVAP Wed. Nov. 5th at the Planning Commission meeting.
Bob Rusk went to the Planning Commission Caucus meeting tonight, then came to the meeting right after informing us what they talked about.  Bob said the WV Working Group thinks they should accept C, D, or E options for the Weston property with no TMSA.  He also asked for a TMSA clarification.
The Falcon Water Project application was reviewed by Vahid Behmaram, Dpt. of Water Resources.  Tom Hall, an attorney, stated the CC&R’s are for a residential lot, not for a commercial project, and basically said that was illegal.  Vahid illustrated Brown’s Creek’s natural flow is completely in the Pleasant Valley hydrographic basin.  As long as it feeds into the Steamboat Ditch, then into the Truckee River, that satisfies it’s recharge, & supposedly all legal water requirements.  Right now 25% of Brown’s Creek feeds Scripps NDOW wetlands, & that’s considered an import into the Washoe 
Valley basin.  This goes to the Board of Adjustment on Dec. 9th.  Bob Rusk is concerned about a large dam which has been constructed on Joy Lake.  Vahid said the owner would need a permit for that dam, & suggested calling the State Engineer’s office to find out about that.
By Ann York, laison of EWV CAB to WWV CAB

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