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East WV CAB Notes

Oct. 21 EWV CAB meeting at NDF
Commissioner Humke was present at the meeting.  Usually he attends the Washoe
County Planning Commission on Tues. nights, but tonight’s meeting was quite short so he had time to come to ours.  He basically told us what went on at that meeting.
Derek Morse, RTC Deputy Director, provided a presentation regarding 2 ballot measures & urged all present to vote in favor of those, 1- Transportation funding for Washoe County streets and highway projects, & 2- Transportation funding for Washoe County mass transit.
Cheryl Surface, Washoe County Parks, informed us of 2 trailheads being worked on.  The first, the O’Brien property, has already been purchased, right below Galena Bridge.  The house will be removed within 90 days.  They will continue to work on a trail connection from Washoe Valley to the Callahan property in Galena.  The second is on approximately 118 acres in Ballardini Ranch.  Cheryl also stated $390,000 has been set aside specifically for trail improvements in Washoe Valley which has to be spent in the next few months or it will be lost.  She set out a tentative plan for a paved pedestrian and non-motorized bike trail from the south end of Eastlake Blvd. to the north end.  It would start paralleling along the south side of Eastlake Blvd. to the windy section where the park begins, then would go over a bridge to the north side of Eastlake, then follow the road, turn to the north to the 5 acre parcels.  There it would follow the fenceline west to the Scripps wetlands, turn to the north to Little Washoe lake behind the 5 acre parcels.  It was clarified that it would be far enough from the existing equestrian trail which also follows the road through there, so the horses wouldn’t get spooked by the bikes, and would both be far enough from Eastlake itself for safety’s sake.  Cheryl said there’s plenty of room out there.  Most of us thought it was a good plan a lot of us could enjoy.
By Ann York, EWV CAB

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