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Public Land Grab Gathering Steam

167 years ago, in 1850, my 2nd gr-grandparents and their toddler children came across Nevada in a wagon train. They passed by present day Winnemucca and turned southwest crossing the dreaded 40 mile desert, found the Carson River and followed it to Eagle Valley, where Carson City is today. They passed by Genoa which was just starting up as Nevada’s first settlement with a trading post and turned west to head up the West Fork of the Carson River to California. Along the way, near Winnemucca, my 2nd gr-grandfather was killed in a skirmish with the natives. He lies out there today.

Whether you have a story like mine or if you are like me and just enjoy the knowledge that we can jump in our SUV, bike, ATV, horse or boots and explore and recreate on endless mountains, valleys and playas, you appreciate Nevada’s Public Lands as one of the benefits to being an American.

This is why I take an owner’s interest in our Public Lands. I have noticed that our military is taking an additional 600,000 acres permanently near Fallon in addition to the huge Nellis complex near Las Vegas.  Our Representative in Congress, Mr. Amodei, is proposing to give our native tribes additional thousands of acres, which they can develop as they see fit. If I were them, I would industrialize it.

In addition to this, the new Congress passed a rule this week (Jan 3, 2017) that essentially designates federal land worthless and thus removing the financial cost of giving it away to corporations, cronies and elites for their own use. This is the first step in giving away our national heritage for the benefit of a few.

Of course, they will say that Americans in the West are demanding greater local control of their public lands. They want the land given to the states. Well, what happens is, the states find they can’t afford to maintain the lands and the feds did and also see the lands as a ATM machine. So they start selling off state lands to private interests as they have been doing in Idaho and Montana. So it just takes awhile for the private land grabbers to get what they want.

Whether you are Republican or Liberal, preservationist or recreationist, all Nevadans and Americans have an equal stake in preserving our Public Lands for the Public. In this era of diminishing rights and resources, we should hold this birthright as precious for the inspiration of future Americans.

Please join me in watching this situation and calling and writing Representative Amodei, Senators Cortez-Masto, and Heller, Gov Sandoval and your state Reps and let them know your feelings on the risk of losing our freedom of, well, freedom.




  1. Tommy Molnar says:

    Most of this land, as I understand it, is pretty much barren and requires NO money to maintain it. We love heading out into the out-back to camp, hike, ATV, and whatever else we find fun. I don’t see any signs of anyone “maintaining” it to keep it fun and useful (to us citizens). Why it take thousands and thousands of acres to preserve a landmark is beyond me.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for your comments! The BLM and US Forest Service spend money on regulating and monitoring federal land for the benefit of all users. Even barren land is used and has roads, campsites, and other activities that impact the land, animals and vegetation. Even law enforcement and public safety is an expense these days. In many cases, thousands of acres IS the landmark. There is more info here:

  2. Tommy Molnar says:

    Thanks for the link. I read about the Gold Butte ‘monument. Maybe I misunderstood the purpose of the designation. I was under the impression that once it was designated as a ‘monument’ we would lose our ability to recreate anywhere near it. Now I think that’s not the result.

    However, the military takeover of more and more of some of our favorite camping and RV’ing areas is an even bigger concern of mine. Dixie Valley has always been a place we like to hide away in, out near the geothermal power plant. I know there’s military ‘targets’ out there (even Geocaches in the midst of them). Frankly, I’d rather they took over L.A. but I know it “ain’t gonna happen”. Ha.

    1. admin says:

      That’s a big concern to me as well. They want to occupy an additional 600,000 acres of our outdoors. They have to share and communicate in war, why can’t the Navy and the Air Force practice that at Nellis?
      Also, the new federal administration is moving forward with giving our federal lands to the states who will sell them off to folks who will buy lots of barbed wire. Let’s let our Congressmen know we want to preserve our outdoor freedom.

  3. Terry Sweetwood says:

    Insanity! The military is already polluting the air and ground in Nevada on a large scale. We need to preserve natural habitat for horses and wildlife. This is our biggest asset – the environment. It is sad to see chemtrails and military takeover in so many parts of this beautiful desert area. I personally like to hike and enjoy the natural environment. The public lands of Nevada are an asset that should not be destroyed by government or corporate interests. They belong to the people of this state and this country. Land is sacred. We only have one earth and one Nevada.

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