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Washoe City Cemetery

I’ve had a request from a local historian to help with restoring the Washoe City Cemetery and honoring our past pioneers. Near as we can tell, a cleanup was last done in the 1962 by a 4H group with the help of the Washoe Valley Homemakers Club. We are currently researching the legal status of the ground, expert advice on how to go about it, and funding for such things as fencing and dumpsters. A local academic at UNR with experience in cemetery restoration has volunteered to help already. Volunteer labor will be needed and we are wondering if there will be interest in a local Washoe Valley/Pleasant Valley historical club to get together for this and other activities. Washoe Valley especially has a very rich and interesting history that should be recognized and nurtured. If you are interested, write me at washoevalley@gmail.com and I’ll start creating a list of folks who might be interested.

The cemetery dates from the time of the Comstock, about 1860, and from when Washoe City was the County Seat and the leading “City” in Washoe Valley and Truckee Meadows. I noticed one marker from as recent as 1974. Members of several families prominent in the area’s settlement and development are buried there. I’ll keep you posted on developments with this project.


  1. Wendy Sauvage says:

    My maternal great great grandparents are buried here, perhaps you have noticed the Porter Headstone at the front. They were from Ohio, lived in Olmsted County Minnesota for a bit and headed to the Gold country Joshua work the Ophir mine until he hurt his hand. He and Charlotte Porter built the first Boarding House, the first stick structure in Washoe Valley.

  2. Nancy Oakley says:

    I am a descendant of the George Smith family through Lorenzo Smith. I would be interested in working on this project. Thank you for your work.

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