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The Washoe City Cabin

This is an update of an article originally published on this site in 2012.

I have been asked several times about the history of the dilapidated log cabin on hwy 395 in Washoe City. This is the one on the north side of the highway in the old Cattlemen’s Restaurant parking lot. Word of mouth was that it was built as a movie set in the old days and is not an authentic original home.
I did some light research in the old papers and only found one circuitous reference so far but it backs up the story. In November 1959 a letter to the editor was published in the form of a eulogy to a Joe Farnsworth. Joe was apparently a long time resident and ex Virginia City cop and had quite a knowledge of the local surroundings and goings-on. The letter writer related the story of the cabin as he heard it from Joe. “Son, that cabin was put up by a movie company in the war years. Why they even installed electric lights so they could take night pictures. I watched them several times and they even invited me to be an extra with good pay, because I looked more western than any of those who were taking a part in the picture. Anyhow, I refused because I was never cut out to be an actor.”

Last week I was contacted by Rhonda G. Wait who has some family photos of the cabin. These photos taken circa 1944-45 seem to show that someone actually lived in the cabin at some point. There is an addition built on, a different overhang on the porch, curtains and a driveway gate. Rhonda’s photos are of her grandparents, Fern and George Hillyard and her aunt, Barbara Hillyard.img340 (2)
img338 (2)
wv cabin montage croppedPhotos: Top: The cabin from Hwy 395 looking North.

Middle: Looking Northwest.

Bottom: Left: A “Now and Then”. Middle: Barbara with what appears to be Hwy 395 and west Washoe Valley in the background, looking south. Right: George and Barbara at an unknown location. It’s pretty high- Geiger Grade?

Photo credit: Fern I. (Hall) Hillyard


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  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for the research!! Always like hearing these stories!!

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