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New Neighborhood Resources

nextdoor graphicTwo websites have come on the scene recently that have promise to help build community here in Washoe Valley. Nextdoor is a San Francisco based startup that is identifying neighborhoods around the country and inviting the residents to join in a private site where neighbors can ask questions, give comments or information. The New Washoe City site, for the community on the east side of the valley, is called Eastlake and already has 119 members. Recent topics have been such topics as: the Mexican Food Truck, over-the-air TV reception, barking dogs and trash collection among others. I’m a member and am impressed with the helpful, respectful comments and topics so far. You can check it out at: https://nextdoor.com/invite/dvgxysvtvhrmuqpsfvtt

Another site is AlertID.com . This site has access to police reports and you can create a page with your address anywhere in the country and it will create a map with the police reports surrounding that address. You can zoom in and out to see more. You can also create multiple alert pages for multiple addresses. Some things don’t show up and others are outdated but it is still interesting.

So far both these sites are free. We are all used to free sites becoming pay sites when they get popular but so far these are free so check them out.

The goal of washoevalley.org is to build community but I think residents being able to directly communicate in a closed environment might be the best way. So I hope it is successful and that our neighborhood makes good use of it.

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