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When We Had Winter

Death Overtakes a Slide Mountain Miner (from the Reno Gazette, Sept. 3 1907)

Victoria Mancasolia’s Remains Found Under Melting Snow Bank Near Cabin A tragedy of the mountains, the likes of which comes all too often into the lonely lives of prospectors, came to light and received official attention yesterday, when acting coroner Bell held an inquest on the remains of Victoria Mancasolia, at Franktown. The body of the dead miner was found in the bottom of a lonely gulch, a short distance from his cabin at the base of old Slide Mountain, down whose seared sides have thundered so may avalanches, carrying death and destruction to everything in their path, one of which had evidently caught him while he was engaged in splitting the wood for his solitary evening meal. The ax with which he had been at work was found beside the small pile of split sticks of stove-wood, sticking in a chopping block, and the general appearance of things about indicated that the man was taken completely by surprise by the rushing wall of pitiless snow, and the life crushed from his body, almost before he knew what had happened. The dead man was working in a tunnel for Sam Longabaugh, which the latter was having run into the mountain, near the scene of the slide, and although he has not been seen for many months, and it may have been surmised that something of the sort had happened to him, there was no way of ascertaining the fact, till what has occurred dispelled the doubts of his friends. The warm rays of the summer sun have at last melted the snow, and the gruesome find tells the story of the dead man’s fate. The verdict of the coroner’s jury is to the effect that death was caused by a slide.

ed. note: It is interesting that “avalanches” on Slide Mt. seemed to be not out of the ordinary and that as late as September there was still melting snow “a short distance from his cabin at the base of old Slide Mt.”!

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