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Cider Press Event

Hi folks –

Big weekend of Cider pressing coming up,  Families and friends welcome to attend and participate.  See details below.

CIDER PRESS – Saturday and Sunday, October 11 & 12, 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Hi friends and neighbors,

We are on target to make cider again this coming weekend (October 11th and 12th.  If you have contacted me with a specific date you plan to attend we will hope to see you. If you plan to attend one or both dates and have not contacted me with a date, please do so by this Wednesday Oct. 8th, so we know approximately how many to expect.

We will again be renting the grinder and cider press this year and will accept donations toward the rental fee. We have information on how to pasteurize your fresh cider.  Know that 20 pounds of fruit will produce ~  approximately one gallon of cider. If you want enough to have some through the holidays, please plan to bring fruit.  We have not heard from anyone indicating a need for container(s). If you expect to need a container at this point, the Just Brew It shop in Carson City has a pretty good inventory.

This is a very fun activity for children of all ages since the flavors of the cider are MUCH more complex and satisfying than apple juice. The varieties of apples we have picked from the McCleary and Belli Ranches and local sites are from a wide variety of trees which should yield some wonderful and complex flavors.

Feel free to bring snacks and some to share.  Bottles of water would be a good idea.  Bring a knife to help with cutting up the apples.  If you have a canopy you’d be willing to bring, that would assist the volunteers with shade.  Let us know if you’re able to bring one.  Extra folding chairs would also be welcome.

Preparing apples, pressing and bottling
Location: 3220 Churchill Dr. Washoe Valley

Dates & Times
Saturday Oct. 11th (1:00 – 5:00 PM)
Sunday Oct. 12th (1:00 – 4:00 PM

If you plan to participate and have not yet contacted us, please call our house at 345-1515 or reply to this message by Wednesday (10/ 8). We look forward to having you join us.

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