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Garden Club Event and Notes

Hi Everyone –

Garden Tour Tomorrow Night!


Tomorrow night is our first farm/garden tour of this year.  Chris and Nita Taylor’s Pleasant Valley home located in Pleasant Valley, just south of the Mt. Rose Highway and Steamboat Hot Springs.  Their phone number is 848-7960.  It is at 6:30 and a potluck.  Bring a dish to share and we’ll all feast.

Chris and Nita live at 50 Connie Way, Pleasant Valley.  Take Eastlake to Old 395 and at the bottom of Washoe Hill, make your first left onto Pagni Way, go about 3 blocks to the last street which will be Connie Way.  Turn right and look for #50.

IF YOU’RE COMING FROM RENO, take Old 395 south of freeway 395 to the bottom of Washoe Hill after driving through nearly all of Pleasant Valley.  The last street on your right BEFORE you start up Washoe Hill is Pagni Way.  Turn right and drive about 3 blocks.  The last street is Connie Way.  Turn right and look for #50.


We will be touring Chris and Nita’s Garden.  You can ask questions about methods, watering, varieties chosen, and the how he runs his CSA (Community supported agriculture – i.e., subscription supported).  Gardening is such an individual and creative project.  Always interesting to see how other do it.


Can we have and support public transportation that serves Washoe and Pleasant Valleys?  David will talk to us about what might be possible if there is enough ridership to make it pay and types of transportation methods and vehicles that might work.  What are alternatives for us for the future?  I’m sure we all know someone who does not drive or cannot who lives out here.  What kind of transportation, to where, and for how long would work for those individuals?  Are there more options?


Turns out David Jickling is also very knowledgeable about owls.  We recently talked about Barn Owls and how they might be beneficial to keeping the rodents out of our gardens and vegetables.  Let’s ask some questions of David and hear how these might be encouraged here.


We always get some tickets to the Greek Festival in Reno this time of year and we have some available for those who’d like to attend.  The tickets are $12 each and give you $10 food credit.  The choices include Gyros, Loucumades, and other Greek specialities.  I LOVE Greek food so we always attend (usually Friday night – it opens at 5:00pm), and enjoy company with those who like the food and Greek dancing and cultural specialities.  Entry fees on the days of the event do not include food credit and are more than the $2.  I only have a few and must have them (and $) back by Wednesday so let me know if you’d like some.


I still have a stainless water bottle from several months ago and I now also have a pie server implement.  Let me know if these belong to you.  I don’t need them by my front door.  🙂

See you all tomorrow.


Donna Murphy-Sharp

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