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Not a Rattlesnake

Took a drive to the Mt. Davidson summit east of Washoe Valley and saw this little guy along the route. He looked suspicious sunning himself in the road but proved to be just a 24″ Nevada Gopher Snake and harmless. Not the right markings on the back, wrong shape head and no rattles so not a rattlesnake. I hear some rattlesnakes don’t have rattles so you can’t always be sure with that one. He didn’t seem too alarmed at me either and he took his time slithering off into the sage. We’ve seen lots of snakes out this spring so be careful. I’ve seen people use a shovel out in front of them to alert snakes when they are roaming the sage rockhounding or looking for artifacts. Seems like a good idea.

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  1. Scott says:

    I recently heard about rattlesnake training for dogs, would you have any info on that by chance?

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