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Solve a Mystery!

The only natural wildflower we have in the yard is this one. I have been through my 6 Sierra wildflower books and haven’t found it. It is a ground hugging plant that sends out short streamers with fern -like leaves and lavender flowers. It likes bare, sandy areas like the driveway, unfortunately for it. A variety of cinquefoil maybe? Any ideas?

That was quick! Thanks to Walt and Dan for identifying it as “Storksbill” from the geranium family. Here’s a link to a site that describes it: DesertUSA


  1. Dan says:

    storksbill, filaree

  2. walt Devaurs says:

    Stork’s-billed geranium

  3. admin says:

    Thanks for the quick replies! It’s nice to finally have it figured out.

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